Can you escape the running dead?

Leeds is on the brink of annihilation. Zombies out-number survivors and the city is humanity’s final stand. Who will make it through the night? 2.8 Hours Later, the original, biggest and most sensational urban zombie chase game is returning to Leeds for the final time with their latest game instalment ‘RUIN’.

In the 2.8 Hours Later world, the storyline starts with a rumoured vial found in the hands of a dying scientist. This leads survivors’ on the hunt for mysterious vials that could contain a cure to the zombie disease. The plot thickens to uncover clues behind the scientist, a criminal conspiracy and the truth of what the vials really contain. To unearth the truth survivors will have to make it passed hordes of the 2.8 Hours Later undead, will they survive?

The 2015 version of the game is called “Ruin” which follows on from last year’s “Survival”, but this time round the quest is more urgent than ever as the existence of the human species hangs in the balance.

Characters within the game are played by convincing actors in full costume and make-up. Players who are ‘caught’ by the living dead will be marked with invisible ink signifying infection.

The game, developed by award-winning game designers, Slingshot, is now in its sixth year and final year, with over 70,000 people having already taken part in 2.8 Hours Later to date. Last year there were over 18,000 participants, 5,000 of which played in the London games over Halloween.

Simon Evans, who co-founded 2.8 Hours Later with his business partner Simon Johnson, said;

Leeds was our first game outside of our home city of Bristol, launching our first tour there in 2011. We returned in 2012 and 2013 and have seen the game grow in popularity from year to year. Now on our last tour with 2.8 Hours Later, we wanted to bring it back to Leeds for a spectacular send off. People are always looking for something that will drag them out of their comfort zone and “Ruin” will do just that. Adrenaline and fear will push participants forward but they’ll need to be careful not to let terror overwhelm them; you will need cunning as well as speed. This year the game offers a whole host of new challenges for our players to contend with and characters to meet, as well as a brand new route, which makes the experience completely different to previous years’. The mission is new, the story is fresh and the gameplay is unlike anything that has come before in 2.8 Hours Later.”

He added: “Although this is our last year with 2.8 Hours Later, it’s not the end. We are really excited, as we’ve just launched our Kickstarter campaign for our new game development, the bio-activated horror maze ‘HYDE’. We’ll be taking this new game on a nationwide tour in 2016”

‘Hyde’ is a totally new concept from Slingshot, which will see players battle their way through a dynamic maze that responds to their bio-data. The product has recently been awarded acceleration funding from the REACT Alumni Scheme to help take the idea to market and Slingshot is raising additional funds via their crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. For more information on Hyde please visit-

Tickets start from £38 per person and are available for 23rd, 24th, 25th, 31st July and 1st August. To find out more, to watch the trailer, or to book tickets, go to