Sing-Kee Foods is a family ran business with a history of over 20 years, supplying the public with a range of provisions from the Far East.

They are dedicated to provide quality oriental food and other goods to both wholesale and retail customers. Their customers are caterers stocking their restaurants, or families purchasing their weekly groceries.

Need more reason to visit them in the Merrion Centre? Here’s ten reasons to love them!

1 – Authentic Bubble Tea

Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, Bubble or ‘Boba’ tea is now enjoyed all around the world. With its recent popularity gain here in the UK, Sing Kee wanted to bring this amazing and fun drink to the people of Leeds so they started Bubble Tea Leeds, a cafe that serves amazing drinks inside the Sing Kee store in the Merrion Centre.


2 – Make your Own Sushi

Love sushi but tired of seeing old packs of tired looking fish in front of you? Sing Kee put that problem to an end. You can completely customise their sushi, from the wrap to the fish! It’s definitely worth trying out.


3 – Their Amazing Range of Meals

Sing Kee pride themselves on serving amazing food for all occasions! Whether it’s a lunch in the city, a quick meal on the evening or a lovely late breakfast, they’ve got you covered. One of their huge sellers is their huge range of delicious meals including favourites like Sweet and Sour Chicken.

4 – They Stock Food From all over Asia

As one of the Yorkshire’s largest Oriental Supermarket network and delivery service chain, their purchasing power allows them to source products from all over Asia to give their customers a huge choice of products from across the continent.


5 – Wholesale Food

It all started in 1987 with only a small delivery van supplying the local takeaways. Not before long, trade and the need of products became larger and Sing Kee Foods moved its premises into the heart of Leeds. They now deliver a range of wholesale food across the country.

6 – Bubble CRUSH

Bubble Crush is a fantastic twist on Bubble Tea! Just look at the picture above – does that not look perfect for a summer’s day in Leeds?


7 – Their Relaxing Cafe

Feeling stressed? Want to unwind with a drink and a snack? They’ve got you covered! Their cafe is one of the best spots in the city to relax!


8 – Their Range of Snacks

Even though we’ve covered that they supply food from all over Asia, their range of snacks are unrivaled. Looking for alternatives to crisps? They’ve got you sorted. Got a sweet tooth? They’ve got something for you! Whatever cheeky snack you’re after, they’ve got the answer.

9 – Their Range of Drinks

Oriental drinks, cool drinks, alcoholic drinks, Vietnamese coffee – it’s so much more than just Bubble Tea. So whatever drink you’re after, they’ll have a solution.


10 – And of course, their pot noodles!

Who could say no to their pot noodles? Just use their kettle in store and tuck in!

For more about Sing Kee, go to their website or follow them on Twitter.