When you’re a student, money is always a big worry. Although you try hard to budget, even those doing well in their accounting modules will find it difficult to keep up with the party lifestyle, the weekly shop, the bills and the constant demands from landlords. So, here we’ve put together three ways of earning a little extra as a student.

Improve Your Tips

Seeing as waiting tables is one of the most popular jobs among students, we thought we’d provide a few tactics for making your gratuity downright gratuitous. Research from money-saving experts Voucherbox indicates that service with a smile can make a big difference to how much you bring home, with 23% citing it as an important factor. Of those surveyed, many (40%) also reported that body odour was a significant tipping turnoff. So, if you weren’t doing so already, shower before work.

But while some have always relied on the generosity of strangers, all that may be about to change. Corporate policies surrounding tipping are making it increasingly more difficult to earn the much-needed extra that tipping provides. So, it might be worth considering other avenues such as…

Volunteering for Research

This is not as bad as it sounds. Far from being subjected to intrusive procedures and cruel experiments, many who volunteer for research find themselves earning money by doing the easiest things in the world. The apotheosis of this would be the recent study by NASA, in which the research group were faced with the gruelling task of remaining in bed – something that, as a student, is more or less second nature. And they could make £11,000 for their 70 days in bed.

However, research volunteering is not a guaranteed form of income and does not offer the security of a normal job. But for those looking for steady work, there’s always:

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who represents a product or brand that, they believe in, on an interpersonal and social level. It’s a bit like being paid to go on about something you love, provided the thing you love is a product, and the way you go on about it is not very dull, irritating or, inspiring of great contempt.
Not everyone is cut out to be a brand ambassador, as the nature of the work means those who thrive will be those who are natural social butterflies. However, if that does sound like you, it’s likely you’ll be able to develop those skills in the role, which will stand you in good stead in later life.

One thing party animals should bear in mind is that, when representing their brand, shenanigans must be kept within the boundaries of respectability. If you pass out on the toilet with your trousers around your ankles, so does the company you represent – which is only OK if their main product is some kind of laxative and sleeping pill combo.

So, there are three ways to make extra cash as a student. The world is your oyster!