Most students have, at some point in their lives, found themselves lamenting a bout of skin problems tend to dutifully arrive on the cusp of a night out or date. You may have tried everything, or you may simply be resigned to their fateful appearance when they’re least welcome, but there are plenty of tried-and-tested ways to improve your complexion. Below is your definitive guide to reducing the presence of spots and acne, helping you enjoy better skin health as you advance through your studies.




A quick note on hygiene before we move on to the serious remedies: if you’re not washing yourself routinely, you can expect more spots or a more aggressive bout of acne. While this might sound like the kind of parental advice, you’re enjoying the absence of at university, it’s the foundation of good skin, removing the oils and grease that contribute to poor skin.


Creams and Rubs


Most people with spots or acne have taken a browse in pharmacies for a treatment that works. Most of these people will be familiar with the feeling of confusion when presented with a vast array of options that promise to improve your complexion. The advice here is to go for it and buy a product. Don’t be overwhelmed by the options. Dermatology has produced some excellent remedies to spots and acne and, even if you have to trial and error through a few options, you should find one that works for you.


Skin Routine


Just as important as washing and applying a dermatological product on your face is the routine with which you do them. Haphazard routines mean that your skin is unable to adjust to a new tempo of oil production and cleaning, which means that you’re not going to see the results promised by your cream or rub. Start and end your day with a treatment, taken at a certain convenient time, to enjoy the best results.




There are plenty of lifestyle factors that tend to increase the likelihood that you’ll develop spots or acne. Among them are:


  • Smoking
  • Drinking heavily
  • Excessive stress
  • Poor diet
  • A vegetative existence


If you’re reading the list above and thinking ‘this is what student life is like, isn’t it?’then you might want to consider reframing your experience at university. If you take your lifestyle seriously and your health responsibly, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a student lifestyle without contributing to poor skin.


Alternative Treatments


While your go-to should be the creams, balms, lotions and rubs that you’ll be able to find in a drug store, there are some alternative options for tackling your acne or spots. A frontrunner in terms of recent research is CBD oil, which you can vaporise in order to reduce inflammation in your face and body. You can find CBD oil UK online from Synergy Extracts, with reviews and lists of benefits attached. Other essential oils are also popular with students – and you’ll likewise be able to find the right oil for you by conducting some quick research on the web.


Don’t resign yourself to acne or spots while at university – with a quick adjustment to your skin routine and lifestyle, you should experience clearer skin in no time at all.