The Bank Holiday weekend is upon us and for all of those that don’t want to camp at Leeds Festival we have provided you with your very own glamping guide.

Camping doesn’t have to mean eating cold baked beans out of a can so here we provide you with tips and tricks on how to enjoy the great outdoors with our very own glamping guide.

Top 5 glamping hacks:

1. Bring a pocket shower

If your campsite doesn’t have the best facilities, don’t opt for a baby wipe wash. There are now pocket showers that can turn the camping experience from grimy to squeaky clean. These pockets can hold up to 10 litres of water. Simply hang yours on a tree branch and wash yourself under an attachable shower head.

2. Pancake breakfasts

Who says you can’t have an enjoyable hot breakfast in the great outdoors? Simply prepare your pancake mix and pour it into a zipper lock bag and freeze it. Carry it with you in a cooler bag. Once you are ready, make sure that the mix is defrosted, cut the corner of the plastic bag and put it into your multicooker. All that is left to do is to add your favourite topping and enjoy!

3. Plan your meals

Get a list of recipes together for the trip (check our favourite dishes below!) and then prepare your ingredients at home. Chop and measure them, and then place them in zipper bags with a label for the recipe it is to be used for. You can then enjoy the great outdoors without the stress of prepping the food.

4. Brighten your pitch

Bring solar-powered fairy lights to brighten your tent without the fear of batteries running out. It will be easier to find your tent in the dark if you are returning late and will add a touch of glamour!

5. Turn up the volume

Listening to music around a camp fire? Turn up the volume by placing your phone into a glass. Just make sure you aren’t disturbing any tent neighbours!