Student blogger Skye checks out Between The Roses

Student blogger Skye

Our Student blogger Skye checks out Braden Barrie’s ‘Between The Roses‘.

At first, Between The Roses seems to be an album made simply for internet fangirls, but this is an illusion quickly broken. Despite dealing with all the topics you might expect, containing summer love songs like Fix My Heart and breakup ballads like I’ve Lost The Moon, it isn’t afraid to go darker.

It’s faceted record, an exploration of depression and anxiety completely honest in its approach.

Genre wise it cannot be defined. Epics like Song Of The Sparrow and The Art Of Anesthesia lie between pop and theatre, with narratives underpinned by catchy choruses, while Pawprints is more nostalgic and followed by the bouncier Stardust and Oh My Love. Despite this seemingly random assortment of influences there is coherence though, both in the authenticity of the lyrics and the folksy vocals.

SayWeCanFly is a project on the cusp of massive success, and the music reflects this. Heart-wrenching and inspiring it’s one of the most emotive and intriguing albums out there. What could be generic seems instead relatable, and what seems niave is actually overwhelming optimism. This is an album with a message: It’s all going to be okay.