We spoke to one of the best upcoming bands in Leeds about the music scene, their influences, their ambitions and why they rate themselves “10/10”.

Firstly, just tell us a bit about yourself guys.

We are Carvella. A four piece rock and roll band based in Leeds. We are all in our early twenty’s and have been making music together for just over two years now.

As a Leeds band, what are your thoughts on the Leeds Music Scene?

Its a good scene. There’s plenty of places to play and there are lots of bands doing there thing. You only have to look at Live at Leeds Festival to see the variety of venues available to play in the city. There are places to play and there are people willing to see new bands and hear new music, so overall Leeds is doing alright for itself.

On a larger scale, what are your thoughts on the global music scene?

The global music scene is probably the hardest business in the world to break into. The music world gets a lot of bad press these days with how music is released and how artists get paid but big bands are there because they are good at what they do. There’s a reason they are headlining a festival or playing to thousands of people, so you can’t really question that.

Who’s your biggest influence?

It would be wrong to say one particular influence, as we all carry different influences and inspirations that we bring to the table to make one unique overall sound. You can’t ignore who you are influenced by because they are the reason we are all doing what we’re doing today. But its definitely important to create your own sound and have a fresh output thats unique, compared to what’s been before.

What does the future hold for Carvella? Where do you see yourself in one year; in five years; in twenty years?

In one year we want to be signed to a record label and looking to record our debut album. We are very ambitious and have very big plans. We’ve come a long way since we started and we are now starting to make some real progress. As long as we keep the momentum going theres no reason why this can’t be achieved.

In five years, who knows? Only time will tell. If we are performing and releasing music as a living then we will be somewhere along the right path.

In twenty years. we will take the Legend’s slot on the Pyramid Stage at Glasto, that will do us nicely.

If you had to rate your band out of ten, what would you rate yourself?

Obviously 10/10. Even if its not true, you’ve got to believe it. Otherwise who will?

You can check out their music here: www.youtube.com/user/carvellamusic