Studying is a heavy task on its own, and it is understandable that students would want to focus on that alone. However, studying and working has a lot of benefits. Most importantly, it adds to your income, helping to pay for the high living expenses of your town, and the high tuition of your school. It also helps your resume, making you even more employable post-graduation. Getting a job during school can have many benefits and ultimately builds your sense of responsibility. The Internet can easily help you in your search to find a job while you are still in school. This article will outline some of the best apps to use in your search.

Jobrapido app

The Jobrapido app helps you to search for potential jobs in your area with ease. It connects employers with potential employees and can easily be filtered to meet your job needs as a student. For instance, you can specify that you only want to see part-time jobs within your comfortable range of travel. It is useful for students who use their phones and tablets much more frequently than a computer, and means that you can search for jobs anywhere rather than having to go to the library, or having to look for vacancy signs in windows. Sending your CV digitally also saves on any printing fees you might have to pay.

Pocket CV

Your CV is everything when it comes to getting a job. No matter what your qualifications are, a good CV is the only way to guarantee that you will be offered an interview, never mind employed. The hardest part in making sure your resume is good lies in its structure. Pocket CV helps you to format your CV in the way that is acceptable to most employers without having to spend a long time trying to format it yourself.


Networking can be an extremely important aspect of the job hunt nowadays. It is great to have some contacts in the field you want to go in, and as a student it is never too early to join in! You might land yourself a paid internship- which is a win-win for your wallet and your degree. Pay attention to the things you post on social media as potential employers are more and more likely to check your social media presence before offering you an interview.

Interview Buzz

When you are a student, you might not have had a huge amount of interview in in your life so far (though of course this is not always the case). Naturally, you are going to be nervous, no matter how many interviews you’ve had in the past. As long as you are prepared, there is no reason to be nervous, and with Interview Buzz, this makes it easy. This app allows you to create your own flash cards or use theirs and customize your own deck. It also provides you with tips on what to do and what not to do during the interview process.

Salary Checker

You want to make sure that you are being paid the correct amount at your job. As a student, it is easy to be taken advantage of. Salary Checker allows you to compare your salary with similar jobs around the world. This is great for a student just beginning to learn about salaries, without clear expectations- plus it’s free.