Have you ever ventured down to Soho’s Leeds, the alternate fashion shop just off Call Lane?

With their own custom-made fashion lines and various other unique fashion lines, they’re one of our favourite places to visit in Leeds. Sohos sell vintage style, retro clothing, rockabilly, cyber, goth, punk and emo clothing UK-wide and internationally to anyone looking for retro, vintage, alternative to high-street fashion. This month, we’re placing our fashion spotlight on them! We caught up with their manager Shaun to talk about their individuality and their plans for the future.

Q: If you had to describe Soho’s to someone who’d never heard of it before, what would you say?

Shaun: “Soho’s is the home of alternative fashion in Leeds, providing clothing and fashion accessories for all different styles. We’ve been running successfully for 18 years and the key to that is because we’re a family business and all of our fashion lines are created personally.”

A lot of it is tailor made and we do our own lines of clothes, include shirts, jeans and dresses.

Q: What makes Soho’s stand out in Leeds?

Shaun: “We’re the only alternate fashion shop in Leeds that caters for these sort of styles; it’s a different type of fashion. We do everything – from Goth weekends to masquerade balls and that’s what makes us so unique.”

Q: What does the future hold for Soho’s?

Shaun: “We’re looking to move into the iconic Corn Exchange and we’re also going to focus on our more dedicated lines to bring a few new customers to the shop. It’s an exciting time for Soho’s.”