James Sowden is a student fashion guru for Leeds Student Magazine.
James is a fantastic character and introduces himself by saying ‘Meow’, rather than the traditional ‘Hi’ and studies Media, Politics, Sociology and Psychology.

Meow everyone! Do you have trouble with knowing what clothes are fashionable? Do you have no fashion knowledge at all? Do you need help with fashion in general? If you said yes to any of these questions then keep reading.

Q1: I love to wear bright colours, but the fashionable colours today seem to be toned down, like beige and grey. Is there any way I can incorporate my bright colours into an outfit and still look fashionable?

The trends of 2015 are slowly making clothes brighter for Spring/Summer but if you can’t afford the hot fashion trends of today that’s fine. The best way to incorporate bright colours into your outfit is via accessories. Add a bright bag or even a pair of eye catching earrings. This will instantly add some colour to your outfit. The way that this makes your outfit fashionable is that it shows that you’re not trying too hard and not trying to be the saying ‘mutton dressed as lamb.’ I hope that this helps you!

Our fashion guru Jamie Sowden

Our fashion guru Jamie Sowden

Q2: Spring is approaching soon and in a few months the shorts will be out. Are there any fashion tips to having a cute summer outfit which isn’t too revealing or shows too much skin?

Summery outfits can always be tackling but I have some great tips for you! When thinking of summery clothing, I think of three things… Floral, beach-like and colourful. For floral, this could be a medium lengthened dress which means that it won’t show too much skin. Beach-like can mean a lot of things. In this case, imagine layering up when going to a beach and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Colourful means making your outfit colourful.Make your outfit bright which makes it summery but you can have it at any length so it won’t be too revealing!

Q3: On a night out, I prefer to look cute, but still sexy. What are the latest clothing items and accessories which can help me create this look? Is there anything I should avoid?

If you want to be cute then adopt a cute print into your outfit but keep it on one item within the outfit so if you’re going to wear a dress then have the print on there and keep everything else simple otherwise too many prints will clash and it won’t be cute. I also think that flat shoes can be cute yet sexy especially if they’re in an eye popping colour. LWDs (or more commonly known as a little white dress’) are in at the moment. This gives off the whole cute innocent look whilst flattering your body.

Q4:I’ll be attending my friend’s graduation in July at Durham, what’s the suitable attire for guests at these sort of events?

Graduations events are a big event to a lot of students so it’s great that you’re going to show support for your friend! As it is somewhat of a formal event, I would say that the best outfit would be a suit. If you can’t afford or rent one then I would go for a smart shirt or a blazer with an open shirt. If you can afford a suit and don’t know which colour to go for then blue or black are the best options for an event such as this. I hope that you have fun at the graduation!

Q5: Do you have any fashion tips on what to wear with patterned tights?

As I have said above, if you’re going for prints then keep everything else simple. I feel patterned tights would go great with a black or red dress. Accentuate with gold/silver accessories. Don’t make the accessories too flashy though. If you want to go a bit more alternative then go for a baggy tshirt and skater style skirt with tights. Tights are always cheap but some skirts can be found in markets for not a lot of money which is good for students!