Simfit100: What’s happening this month in Leeds?

I would like to begin by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015, which is quickly approaching. In December we always overindulgence and rightly so (to an extent), as life is about living after all.

Christmas parties, food & wine and of course lots of laughter with family and friends.

What comes next though, is what I’d like to help you all with. Those extra lbs gained, that guilty feeling you get as you reflect and look back on how you have punished your body.

Everyone then has similar new years resolutions “I want to lose weight”, “I want to tone up”, “I want to sort my fitness out” etc. It’s always the same and I’m not criticising, as I myself have been guilty in the past. It’s just the way we are! We do what we want, with a view to deal with it later.

The biggest problem I come across with people I train (not everyone) is, they like the idea of being fit and healthy, yet either don’t give 100% when training or train to justify eating junk. If your diet isn’t right then you can train all you want but nothing much is going to happen and for those that are blessed and don’t put on weight or look good without trying, your organs are probably crying.

I have witnessed a 34 year old friend (soldier) die due to heart disease caused by poor diet choices and lifestyle, so please think about this!

Most things are ok on the odd occasion and in moderation, but everyone knows this. The key is how you live your life when those occasions have passed.



Do you eat processed foods or miss meals due to lack of time?

Prepare your meals the evening prior to the day ahead.

Do you find that you’re lacking in energy and always feeling tired?

Add more food that has a higher nutritional value to your diet and get your sugars from the food that you include.

Do you suffer with headaches or cramp quiet frequently?

Remain hydrated drink plenty of water and maintain your electrolytes levels, which are the most common causes of the above.


This is the way you should look at it. Think about what happens when you put cheaper (red diesel for instance) fuel into your vehicle. Its performance will be affected drastically and it may even cause other problems under the bonnet.

Your body is your vehicle so take care of it, as you do your car – eat bad, feel bad.

I appreciate that we live in a fast paced world and time is valuable. You invest it in your careers, in your homes, in our children and in a lot of other stuff that is trivial, but why don’t many of us invest it in ourselves?

I would like some response back on your thoughts please as I’m conducting a study.

When I left the army nearly two years ago now, I set up my own fitness company and everything was great.

I soon found that a lot of clients were wanting advise on nutritional products that were on the markets, in addition to the plans I were writing them. In order to do this I had to research and trial several products that were on the market. As a PT, I knew that I couldn’t recommend or promote something without fully knowing about it and the potential health benefits / risks that it may have to my clients.

I wont discuss what I found but I chose to recommend and then even promote JuicePlus+.

Before we start, I’d just like to say that nothing beats training and a great diet!

Its slogan is “The next best thing to fruit & vegetables”. When I first saw this, I remember thinking, “that’s a strong claim” and wanted to lean more so I could advise against it.

What I found instead is that the more I learned about it by reading all the 31 (seriously) studies and peoples reviews, was that I wanted to try it for myself (which I did).

After a few weeks on the capsules and shakes (you don’t need both I’m just greedy and inquisitive) I found that my energy levels were through the roof, my sleeping patterns had improved, my skin was a lot clearer and my digestion was great.

Now I would like to think that I have a great diet anyway and NOTHING beats exercise and eating clean, but how many of you get your 5 a day? In fact it was recently suggested that this should be increased to 7 a day and other countries recommend 9, 12, even 17 a day in Japan. Do you know what 1 a day (portion size) looks like?

Most don’t.

JuicePlus+ gives you the essence of 17 or 26 fruit, vegetables & berries each day, it’s a whole food based nutritional that bridges the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat.

If you would like to find out more, simply follow this link.


I’m not even going to go there this month! Enjoy the festive period and just keep moderation in the back of your mind.

Kinsley’s Top Tip –

Drink 2 – 3 litres of water daily (You may require more due to weather or physical activity), especially following a night out.


Workout No.3 Winter Warmer

Monday – Friday at the Adidas trinity store studio, you can partake in FREE fitness classes 12:15 or 18:00. To secure your place book here , my session is on a Thursday at 12:15, hopefully see you there and if not, give this a try.


Do the “Home workout 1” from Facebook that I uploaded:



Slow long jog – 1hr to 1hr 30mins.


Rest Day – However try and squeeze in a 20 min walk / jog & 60 jumping jacks.


20 jumping jacks, 10 press ups, 20 alternate squat thrusts 20 sit ups (CRUNCHES – don’t worry about getting all the way up. As long as your shoulders are lifting off the floor and abs contracting). Repeat this as many times as you can in 15 mins.

Then, 20 reverse lunge leg kicks, 40 high knee to elbows, 30 shoulder taps and 20 alternate squat thrusts. Repeat as many times as possible in 15 mins.


Do the “Home workout 1” from Facebook that I uploaded


Rest day.


Run – really light for 20 mins.

    • As the distance becomes comfortable, increase it but keep me informed.
    • As you improve, you need to change your programme. To that end, keep me informed please. By phone, email, whatsapp, whatever.


Remember – Eat at least an hour and a half before training. If you are rushing before training, at least have a banana (these do not give you a stitch and will get you through the session but it is not a replacement. If you have time, eat before training!) and ensure you’re hydrated. Your body will let you know when you need to drink during training but if you hydrate the night before and the morning of the session then you will reduce the possibility of cramp and increase your performance.

4 weeks to a better shape –My story

Please understand how difficult it was for me to do this. Not physically but mentally as I take good care of my health.

Before & After

Before & After

A few months ago I was without a car and was bouncing around Leeds and the surrounding areas, via running & cycling covering around 70 miles a week. Not a lot I know but that on top of delivering / participating in fitness sessions, took its toll to say the least.

I soon realised that I was rapidly losing weight. This was due to not taking onboard enough calories (my output was drastically more than my input), but I decided to let it run its course for this sole purpose! There is no excuse for not eating or looking after your body / health, but time is always a massive factor as you will be able to relate to. Preparing food the night before resolves this!

By not eating the right foods, not giving my body enough good nutrition and over training, I soon found myself tired with little energy and not sleeping properly.

I did all of this, as I wanted my body in a poor starting state before I started the Juice+ Muscle program 4 weeks ago.

The image on the left is me a month ago and on the right, me this morning! In such a small amount of time you can achieve so much, the only thing that stops you, is YOU. I feel amazing but I’m still not back to where I was just yet. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling supercharged. You can see that my abs are starting to show again, I’ve bulked up quite a bit and there is more definition.

People are skeptical about Juice+ and I don’t blame you as there is a lot of dross out there, but this isn’t in that category and is in a league of it’s own. People think that it’s a fad diet or that it’s a weight loss product – wrong again! It’s a supplement that has a weight loss program (with amazing results and this is the most commonly used) and a muscle building program.

If anyone seeing this would like to know more, either like this post or send me a message and I’ll fire you across the relevant info. Alternatively you can visit here and view the products for yourself

Anyone thinking of putting an order in should do so now in order to smash it up with me after Christmas. I become your mentor and will do everything I can to help you smash your goals. Merry Christmas people…. Treat yourself!!