Founder of Primrose’s Kitchen talks health foods, export and success before turning 30

− As Primrose’s Kitchen looks to its 4th year we look back at its progression and how small businesses are going global −

Primrose’s Kitchen began as an idea in the small Dorset kitchen of 26 year old Primrose Matheson in 2012 and has now sold over 80 tonnes of Raw Vegetable Muesli around the world. After studying Naturopathy and Complementary Health Studies at university Primrose decided that health foods currently on the market were seen to be bland, boring and uninspiring. From small beginnings, the now international Primrose’s Kitchen was born.

Over three years Primrose’s Kitchen has grown from a business managed at home, to a brand that can be found throughout Europe and stocked in the UK’s top supermarkets and departments stores. Working with the UK Trade & Investment department Primrose Matheson has successfully grown her business by 100% year on year and now has a Dorset-based factory where she employs local staff to help her produce her delicious range of products.

Primrose Matheson, founder of Primrose’s Kitchen comments:

I started small and at home but always dreamed that Primrose’s Kitchen would be a big global brand that maintained high quality products. Now we’re stocked throughout Europe and in Waitrose here in the UK and dreams are becoming reality. My idea for Primrose’s Kitchen was born from my own need for better, more exciting healthy, (real) food products and I think it’s this niche in the market that we’re filling.”

Primrose’s Kitchen products have been developed with a naturopathic lifestyle in mind – eating foods that are as close to nature and as unadulterated as possible. The more food is played with and processed, the more unfamiliar it becomes to the body – this sets us up for future problems such as chronic indigestion, IBS, intolerances, and obesity.

Selling over 200,000 boxes of award-winning Raw Vegetable Muesli, the first product for Primrose’s Kitchen, Primrose has come a long way from food fairs and local shows to negotiate distribution globally, dedicate time to marketing and continue to develop new and relevant products.

Primrose continues: “As well as working with the UKTI, agents and distributors I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on my brand, our packaging and creating a lifestyle for Primrose’s Kitchen. I knew early on that a functional, retail website would be a necessity and along with our social media platforms I see a large percentage of sales through the website. I use these different outlets to share my thoughts on food, lifestyle and philosophy, helping to show our customers a little bit of what goes on behind the brand. We really practice what we preach.”

Not yet 30yrs old Primrose Matheson has high hopes for the future – becoming an internationally recognised brand that sells high quality, healthy artisan products from the heart of Dorset. Primrose epitomises the interesting things that young businessmen and women are accomplishing in the UK. With big ideas and a strong sense of self and brand Primrose and her whippet Isla are set to take the health food world by storm.

Primrose concludes: “I have worked hard over the past three and a half years to build my brand, develop my products and reach as wide an audience as possible. I’ve sought advice and worked with expert distributors and marketing teams. I understand that time and investment is needed to build a successful brand and this has been a focus for me. In the future I hope Primrose’s Kitchen will be found in countries near and far, I’d like to run naturopathic retreats from Dorset and help to introduce more and more people to a healthier way of life in mind, body and soul.”