Igloo Disco has become one of the talks of Leeds, in fact the UK with its recognisable stature at festivals and corporate events around the country.

Danny Savage the man behind the project has spent the last two years honing the company gathering serious momentum at the of the most prestigious shows as well as some of the largest music festivals. Here we speak to man of the moment about his achievements and where we can expect to see his Igloos in the near future.

Tell us about Igloo Disco and how you started it all?

igloo3It all began with the now legendary I-Scream Van that burst onto the festival scene in 2008. We spent that summer travelling the festival circuit with the mobile pop up party DJ booth and it was a massive hit everywhere it went, and it enabled us to do some serious networking and meet some fantastic people who worked in the event industry on our travels. Literally we spent the whole summer in it! And since then tour has stopped at Glastonbury, Glade, Global Gathering, Mint Festival and Limetree Festival to name a few. The van was a catalyst for all that has followed with Igloo Disco, and was the creative influence I had when designing the Igloo structures.

And tell us why people should book an igloo for their events? What is the nice and exciting element?

igloo2Igloo Disco is unique in the UK. You will literally find nothing like the original inflatable igloo marquees we have on offer. Not only are the designs of our event structures exclusive, we also offer a full bespoke pop up event package that can be set up with ease (probably on of the fastest event builds in the industry). Our hire options include a range of event solutions such as a comprehensive audio / visual package with a full DJ set up and marquee flooring, heating and event décor, specifically tailored for your event. We are a one stop shop for all your event needs.

And looking back on your recent achievements, what would you say has been the best so far with the project and business?

igloo1I would most definitely say it’s been the rate of the companies’ expansion. I now have a fantastic team of staff and we have recently expanded into a larger warehouse. Our business growth has been massive, expanding four fold in the space of a year. This is something I am very proud of, and it makes me excited for the future of Igloo Disco.

You have a competition in place or one lucky winner to received a special package, tell us about the package and how they can enter?

Yes the name of the competition is ‘Design your dream Igloo Event Package’. Which will be running in a huge magazine and also on our web-site www.igloodisco.co.uk throughout May. The winner will receive a comprehensive pop up event package which includes an inflatable igloo marquee with three sizes to chose from, an audio visual set up with a sound and lighting techinician and full DJ set up with stage. Marquee flooring, event decor and a DJ! A massive prize that is worth over £5000.

And in the summer, which public events can we see you at?

We have a ram packed summer of festivals ahead. Outbreak, Northern Lights and Atmosfield in May, Xstatic Festival in June, Secret Garden Party in July, and Mint Festival to finish off the summer in September. What a summer, and that’s only the half of it.