Great Britain Athlete and British Record Holder John Lane is back again this month to give you fitness tips to help you get the best out of your health and fitness.

John Lane GB Athlete

John Lane GB Athlete

Enjoy this month’s tips!

Pack Your Own Lunch

Packing your lunch each day is a great way of keeping a handle on what you eat. Studies have shown that people who pack their lunch are more likely to lose weight quicker than those who don’t. As well as being a healthier option, this will also be lighter on your back pocket!

Core Strength

The weaker your core muscles are, the more likely you are to pick up an injury. Whether it’s managing a stiff back, neck pain or a torn muscle, your core is also great for your posture and overall fitness levels. Exercises such as yoga and pilates are a great and effective way of achieving a stronger core.


Yoga is a great way of getting your heart rate up and burning calories. As well as losing weight, yoga is great for flexibility, developing muscle strength, increasing your blood flow and it also helps promote proper posture. Try and do a yoga session once a week to help your body relax and de-stress.

Stick to Water

Nearly every bottled drink you buy these days have a lot of sugar in it. Soft drinks and energy drinks are the worst culprit and can have up to 50g of sugar per bottle. With cutting down on sugar being one of the best ways to lose weight, sticking to water is a great and easy way of staying ahead of the game!

Super Foods

Super foods have gained massive popularity recently due to promising greater nutritional value. Foods such as berries, green tea, ginger, broccoli and oily fish are set to have greater nutritional benefits than other foods. These foods have also been found to help aid digestion, lower cholesterol, regulate metabolism and help fight heart disease.