I’m John Lane, Great Britain Athlete and British Record Holder.

In each issue of City Dweller Magazine I share health and training tips to help you with training and get the best out of your health and fitness.

Here’s this months training and fitness tips.

Curb your sweet tooth

Everyone gets late night sugar cravings. Instead of reaching for the chocolate or a piece of cake late at night, go for the healthy option and grab some fruit instead. This will insure that you cure your late night craving with a snack that won’t push your calorie intake over the edge.

Work out with a friend

Working out with a friend is a great way to keep both of you motivated. Whether it’s in the gym or out running, having someone there to push yourself against is a great way of getting the most out of sessions. Pick a friend who is trying to achieve the same goals as you, encouraging and is able to do the same exercises as you in order to reach your goal.

Sauna & Steam room

Both the sauna and steam room are a great way to recover after a hard session, either in the gym or on the track. The heat makes your muscles relax and helps your body recover. You can also overdo it. Stay in the sauna/steam room too long and you will dehydrate your body and could become dangerous. 8-10 minute is plenty of time for your body to relax and recover safely.

When to weigh yourself

It’s important that you don’t become obsessed with what you see on the scale. If you’re following a weight loss plan then you are going to have certain days when you are heavier than others. Try and weigh yourself every couple of days to monitor your progress. To get the most accurate results, its best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. It’s also important you keep some constancy as to what time of the day you step onto the scales.

Increasing your exercise load.

There is no formula or guide lines that’s says when or by how much you should increase your training load. The rule of thumb is to increase by 5-10% per week depending on what activities you’re doing. For example, if you’re aiming to increase the distance of miles your run, find out your total miles ran per week and increase that by 5-10% weekly.

Portion size

Portion size when it comes to meals is a major way of maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you find yourself putting on unwanted weight it could quite possibly that your portion size is too big and not necessarily the foods you’re eating. Eat until you feel full then stop. This will ensure you keep your diet under control and don’t start to un-necessary binge eat.

Enjoy Keeping Fit
John Lane