Ryan Tomlin

Ryan Tomlin

Ryan Tomlin is a 20 year old independent author currently studying in Leeds. He uses Amazon’s ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’ service to publish his books online.

Ryan first got into writing during secondary school and began writing his first novel in 2012. Three years later, he’s currently writing his seventh and has two ongoing book series. Most of Ryan’s books fall well within the action-adventure genre, with sub-genres of thriller, fantasy and more recently science fiction.

After being rejected over 50 times by various literary agents and publishers, Ryan took to the streets of Leeds to promote his latest book “The Transition”. Since then, his works of fiction have begun to reach a growing audience. Ryan’s most recent fictional endeavour is that of a young-adult science fiction story with dystopian and post-apocalyptic elements. It follows a society in which children are raised separately from their parents until the age of eighteen.

The story follows Rume, who has never met his parents. Like all the other children in the community, he must wait until his eighteenth birthday before he does. For years he has seen countless people travel through the vault door and, with a white flash, be gone and never return, traveling over the Ridge to join the rest of the adult world. This is called The Transition. The day when you leave the community and your new life begins.

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