Leeds Beckett University is hosting a series of events to help showcase and celebrate LGBT* History Month. All events will be taking place on their City Campus. Events are open to everyone, with no requirement to book in advance.

This year they’re doing a 100% Love Campaign theme in helping to celebrate and promote the Diversity within our LGBTQ* Community, as well as the significant changes that have occurred, whilst also looking towards what more can be done to help further these positive changes within our society towards greater inclusivity and tolerance. All of these events are open to everyone regardless of whether you identify within the LGBT* spectrum or are studying at Leeds Beckett or not.

Some events are still awaiting confirmation on the location so for details on this, or any other queries you can contact the University directly by email lgbtqofficer@leedsbeckettsu.co.uk
Monday 9th Feb 6pm-8:30pm
Location: Leeds Beckett Student Union, Portland Building, 1st Floor Room 2
-Discussion on:

1) No Going Back- Representative from No Going Back, will hopefully be leading a talk around the importance of supporting this organisation. We will also be discussing ways we can do this from silly charity fundraisers to possibly event joint collaborative events with societies both within and outside Leeds Beckett, such as a pub quiz.

2) Creating student lead Activist workshops, in looking at what York University did of helping to encourage people who may of never got involved in the past to give it a go.

3) Looking at organising a video of “Why Liberation is Important?” This is aimed at promoting the positive image of Liberation as being something we aim to push for in being treated equally regardless of our Race, Sexuality Identity, Gender Identity etc so it would be good to organise a video to help promote this.

4) Discussion around creating an Alternative Freshers Fair for Liberation, Welfare and Campaign societies for September.

5) Discussion around the Yorkshire Equality and Diversity Network and the plans for our next meeting on March 12th.

6) Supporting the Consent Campaign and Workshops + Stand Together Campaign!

Wednesday 11th Feb 6pm-8pm
Location: Rose Bowl Room 207
-First official meeting of Leeds Beckett Gender Equality Society! The first meeting focus will be around aiming to engage students with what is Gender Equality? It will also provide you more of a chance to discuss terms such as “Privilege”, “Feminism”, “Mens Welfare”, “Trans Rights”, “Non Binary, Gender-Neutral, Bi-Gender, Poly-Gender, A-Gender, Gender Fluid, Genderless”, “Intersex and 3rd Sex”. This society is open to everyone regardless of whether your studying at our University or not. They aim to make sure it represents ALL Genders as well.

LBU-ImageThursday 12th Feb 6pm-8pm
-Discussion around what is Queer? How do we define it? What does it actually mean to identify within it? Looking at Photo Campaign recently done around “Think You Know What Queer Looks Like?”
We will also be discussing with members from the Bayard Project around how we can reflect diversity within our LGBTQ* community, especially in making sure BME, Trans*, Bisexual, Non Binary and Intersex people feel more included.

Monday 16th Feb 6:30-10:30pm
-Sarah Prager, who is the creator of a mobile app called Quist (http://lgbthistorymonth.org.uk/about/ )will be doing a talk at the University, regarding the importance of LGBT* History Month and of LGBT* activism! They have been collaborating with York and Bradford LGBTQ groups in helping to promote and support this event. It also provides you with an amazing opportunity to discuss LGBT* activism and what its like in America. They will also be doing a social at Wharf Chambers to help you unwind and relax after a busy Liberation packed day!

LoveStereotypes? (Label-Less)
Tuesday 17th Feb 7:00-8:30pm
Location: Leeds Beckett Student Union, Portland Building, 1st Floor Room 2
Do you find labels and presumptions limiting?
Is it getting increasingly frustrating when people presuppose your Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity from how you look, dress or act? In the LGBT* Community, there is often an issue with discrimination against each other, with labels such as “Straight Acting”, “Camp”, “Lipstick Lesbian” and “Stud”. What do they all mean and are they serving as a division between us? Do these labels help to reflect the diversity within a vast community or do they segregate and pressure us into fitting into a narrow identity? Do you feel expected to have the perfect body or act and dress in a particular way to fit in with stereotypes?

Wednesday 18th Feb 6pm (1980’s)- 12am (2015)
-(DANGER 80’s Fancy Dress Themed prepare for lots of Neon and Bright Colours)
-The first event will be a Film session examining the Liberation movement in the USA, during the 1980’s particularly in looking at the changing attitudes within the Democrats towards representing LGBT* rights, also the reaction to the discovery of AIDS and the impact this had on societies, including the media’s, social attitudes towards the gay community. We will also see the first steps of greater inclusion of the Trans community for the first time. This inclusion eventually lead to the development of the acronym LGBT during the 90’s. Afterwards there will be a presentation on HIV Awareness, by our LGBT* societies Diversity and Welfare Officer, including a discussion. We have put in put in one or two controversial discussion points to help challenge peoples perceptions and hopefully help you see HIV and AIDS from a wider perspective.
-Finally as a massive thank you, we will then be hitting the scene in our fabulous 80’s costumes to help dance the night away!

Thursday 19th 6pm-8pm
Location: Rose Bowl 207
-This will be a two part discussion with the first being lead by Jess Vandetta Bradley, who will be representing Action for Trans Health and will be focusing on around issues regarding Health and accessibly for Trans identifying people.
-The 2nd part will hopefully be lead by Louie Stafford from the Yorkshire Trans Support Network and will focus on the support services available within Leeds. But also discussing the challenges around support and inclusivity of the Trans Community within institutions including University etc.

Friday 20th 6pm-8pm
-This aims to explore, educate and constructively challenges peoples understanding around the diversity of relationships within the LGBT* community including Same Sex, to Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, Asexual, Skoliasexual and Polyamerous relationships. Emily Axel who is a member from O.P.E.N discuss further about what a Polyamerous relationship is.

Monday 23rd Feb 6pm-8pm
-This session will utilize the work of queer Black poets on deconstructing the ways we are socialized into defining different aspects of our identities and how it has impacted personal self-esteem and self-awareness. We will analysis the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality in the creation of personal identities and highlighting this transformation. There will be a writing session and open-mic at the end of the workshop where participants will be able to perform the original work they have just produced during the writing session.

Tuesday 24th Feb 6pm-8pm
-Meeting to discuss creating a wish list of policies or beliefs, which we will then present to each of the candidates running for a seat in Leeds and then post their responses in order to help give students a clearer idea of where they stand on particularly issues.

-We will also be discussing our plans in organising Leeds first Gender and Sexual Diversities Conference for April, which will also include caucus discussions for different Sexuality, Gender Identities and Issues over a 2 day period including organising a Masquerade Ball as a thank you for everyone who has gotten involved or supported the events. We’re hopping this will becoming something that different groups and organisations collectively come together to support in helping to showcase Leeds and the Yorkshire region as a whole promoting and celebrating Diversity!

Wednesday 25th Feb 6pm-8pm
-This is a joint collaboration with Leeds Bi Group, which will a discussion around what is Bisexuality? When we look at Stonewall Top 100 Employment Statistics, Bisexuality is always highly unrepresented within Universities and other organisations why is this? We also be distinguishing Bisexuality from Demisexuality, Polysexuality, Pansexuality and why are still stereotypes both within and outside the LGBT* community and how we can say Bye Bye Biphobia!

Thursday 26th Feb 6pm-8pm
-This will be a two part workshop focusing around raising awareness of abusive relationships and consent within the LGBT* community. The workshops will also provide guidance on where you can receive support from including Broken Rainbow. The consent workshop will be a collaboration amongst Socialist Students, FemSoc Society and the LGBT* Society to hopefully start a discussion around a new campaign aimed at promoting organizations to start collecting sexual violence, sexual assault and rape statics for those within the LGBT* community in order to look at how these problems can be prevented and tackled.

Friday 27th Feb 6pm-8pm
-WE NEED MORE! You don’t have to identify as LGBT* to help support equality or stand up for friends or even people you have never met before from being targeted because of their Sexuality or Gender Identity. This meeting will give anyone the chance to actually get more involved in supporting and discussing what campaign we should do to help show our support for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia on May 17th in Leeds!

Saturday 28th Feb 12pm-3pm
-Exploration of Leeds Liberation past including places that were significant to the LGBT* Movement, such as where the first gay pub was opened outside of London, but also where the first Trans Conference was held.