Mecca Bingo Hunslet!

Louise Fletcher at Mecca Bingo Hunslet

Louise Fletcher

Louise Fletcher takes a visit to Mecca Bingo Hunslet, 5 minutes from Leeds City Centre, to take part in the retro pastime that is taking the younger generation by storm!

It’s safe to say that I hadn’t ever considered bingo before but with a resurgence in retro pastimes, bingo had started to make its way onto my social radar.

Friends of friends were posting dabber selfies online and I’d even heard of a couple going as an ironic twist on Valentine’s Day. So when Mecca Bingo, Hunslet invited me down to prove the game is no longer just for the blue rinse brigade, my interest was piqued.

I won’t lie, walking into the building I was still worried that I would be the youngest there by a good few years but seeing the line of players streaming in I let out a sigh of relief. The groups of girls and couples queuing for their books proved my preconceptions were wrong.

Having never played bingo before (apart from once in the local pub) I needed all the help I could get understanding what on earth was going on and I took advantage of the friendly staff to help me get my head around the rules. In no time I was dabbing away frantically but soon swapped to the techie option of Mecca’s electronic pads (a bit like a big iPad) which will automatically cross off your numbers for you. Handy if you’re slow to keep up like me.

We soon got hungry. Luckily for us there was a great menu full of comfort food and a variety of healthy choices to choose from. Vegetarians are also catered for. I tucked into fish and chips in one of the breaks and was pleasantly surprised. The batter was light, crisp and tasty – just the way I like it. I was also delighted to see an extra-large dollop of mushy peas on my plate, for me it’s the peas that make the dish. With a large range of food choices there are options for everyone. Our after work food pangs were subdued and we got with our bingo.

After finishing our meals a little quicker than we would normally, not wanting to miss out on a big win, we got stuck in to the next round of games. I hadn’t won a penny so far and my competitive side started sneaking in. I quickly got the impression that most of the bingo players were here to socialise and have fun. They were also here to win… you might be surprised at just how much you could actually win. Getting a ‘Full House’ on a normal game saw people celebrating wins of £150 to £500 and if you’re lucky and win a link game, you could go home with £17,000 or more!

Mecca Bingo Hunslet

Mecca Bingo Hunslet

Although I didn’t see a penny come my way, walking away with a dabber was a weirdly brilliant ‘booby prize’. If you’re a big kid like me, it is impossible not to dab every blank space in sight. Since a Mecca bingo dabber turned up on my desk, every memo, print out and colleague who walks past mysteriously becomes covered in pink dots.

I have to say that my experience at Mecca Bingo in Hunslet was a brilliant night out for both my friend and myself. It would make a great social event for anyone who fancies a chance to win some serious cash and try something a little different. With hearty comfort food, pitchers of beer and the perfect game for anyone with a competitive streak, it’s a great alternative night out.

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a: Balm Road
LS10 2HU

t: 0113 277 5960
fb: Mecca Bingo Hunslet
tw: @MeccaLeedsHuns

Mon – Fri 12pm – 11pm
Sat 11am – 11pm
Sun 12.30pm – 11pm

Mecca Hunslet is accessible by a number of bus routes and Leeds train station.