Whether you’re a fresher or a final year, it’s never easy tackling that first assignment of the year. Writing an assignment for your university course will be very different to what you may have been used to at school or college and you will be expected to refine and progress your research and writing skills each year you are with us. Make sure you’re all set to get started.

Get organised

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Take control by organising a schedule to balance your assignments around your other commitments and get them in on time. Reduce the stress of the last minute rush by aiming to complete at least two drafts before the final version.
Hit the Library

Libraries not only provides you with a space for silent study, they have tons of books, journals, newspapers, databases and e-books for you to find that all important research to back up your argument. Not sure where to start, ask one of the Library staff, they’re experts in all the available resources.
Use your Tutor

Arrange a one-to-one with your tutor who can offer feedback with your assignment so far and identify any potential issues. Remember, they are there for your support.
Know your subject

Your course may have conventions you need to follow – make sure you’ve read all your module materials and clarify this with your personal tutor.
You’re all in it together

If you’re struggling, chances are your course mates are too. Why not get together a ‘self-help’ group to share ideas and support while taking a break and the pressure off for a short while.
Be original

Plagiarism is serious business deemed as academic misconduct with severe penalties, so make sure that all your work is your own. Be particularly careful about services offering to write assignments for you. There’s a reason they sound too good to be true – it will be picked up during marking and you will fail. Make sure know what plagiarism is and that have you read the rules and regulations around it.


Make sure you don’t lose marks through poor or careless referencing. Keep an accurate record of all your information sources and follow an accepted referencing system.