Beauty Therapist Alex Costello puts the Reality Dreams Hydrophobic T shirts to the test!

Reality Dreams creators pride their brand on intelligent and unique quality British clothing aspiring to be totally out there and a cut above the rest.

“We go about things differently” said Reality Dreams designer and founder Steven Stokes. Reaching out to a target audience of ambitious young people that are looking for higher quality and meaningful designs.

I was given two men’s T shirts, I’m partial to lounging around in an over sized tee but I also let my boyfriend wear one too… Honestly we don’t usually dress in matching clothes! I was pretty impressed as they came gift wrapped in a rustic stylish bag with a sheet of paper explaining the expert qualities which make this new designer range unique.

My boyfriend was more than happy to wear the T shirt as he’d seen the brand advertised in Men’s Fitness recently. With a long list of who’s been spotted… celebrities include; reality TV star Oliver Proudlock, footballer Ryan Williams and Ian Wright Wright Wright!

Reading through the list of unique qualities I was straight away drawn to the ‘REP-L’ fabric treatment which basically means protection against dirt, and fluid stains, but also means the products are water repellent. This meant only one thing – I could throw ketchup, red wine and all major stains that we all avoid when wearing white as bright as this tee without worrying about the aftermath! This is amazing news for anyone who loves a pristine white outfit but always manages to spill something right down the middle. After experimenting with the shirt for a while we noticed that the designer was true to their word, the top remained stain free and still white! Any liquid that was spilled on the material could be shaken off as it attached as little droplets and didn’t soak into the fabric at all. This is absolutely perfect for any summer BBQ season as well as holidays. My boyfriend couldn’t wait to check out the full range.

Even though the shirts were practical they were also very on trend and high fashion. Which is perfect if you want that unique look and to sway away from high street fashion without buying something you can only wear once. I would definitely recommend this new designer as I can definitely tell that it’s the next big thing on the market! So head down to Reality Dreams for your next outfit and it can only mean less mess and a longer lasting wardrobe!