City Dweller Charlotte Fagan and her other half Kristian Purdy head to Roxy Lanes on a Monday night to start the week on the best possible note

After another amazing weekend a lot people end up in the same situation… dreading Mondays. But there’s no reason to! For us, there was something different about this one as we had been invited to go to Roxy Lanes.

Roxy is famous in Leeds for its ball games, ping pong, beer pong, mini golf and pool. Then they bring to town; bowling!

After a long day in the office, this is just what we needed. Upon arrival we were greeted by smiling faces and the sound of laughter and the atmosphere kicked the Monday blues right out of us.

We got settled in by the bar and had a look through their extensive cocktail menu. After a few welcoming drinks at the bar the competitive side in both of us came out. We couldn’t have put our bowling shoes on quick enough!

The bowling lanes were occupied and you could feel the competitive tension oozing out of everyone. Our lanes were all set up for us but we couldn’t start as Kris was toying with having the barriers up or down. After he got over the fact he may get beaten by a girl, we finally started! The staff were on hand for everything we needed especially when Kris’s balls kept getting stuck in the gutter!

After one game, sadly I was down 1-0. I blame it on the cocktails. The next game it was head to head, music at the Lanes was bouncing and we just had a real good chuckle. I almost beat my handsome man but he managed to bowl three strikes in a row!!! The cocktails definitely had a part to play in this as he stumbled down the lane to bowl.

After two games of bowling we took off our bowling shoes and decided to sit and try the food as everyone in the bar area seemed to be eating…

We were seated and given mouth-watering American style food menus. We chose to have 3 starters comprising of giant onion rings, garlic dough balls and smoked humus pittas.

They arrived in a timely manner. All fresh and oversized. (Man portions!)

We were pretty full up after the starters and almost forgot that we had also ordered mains. To follow was a pulled pork, chicken, beef burger with fries and a Diavolo pizza. Both were again filling, we compared the food quality and portion size to that from ‘Man vs Food’ and obviously Kris was loving this as he’s a sucker for what he calls “a proper feed”.

Before getting ready to leave after a shed load of fun, we had one last drink at the bar to enjoy the music and atmosphere of the bar area. We thanked the staff there for their efforts and left joking with the guys about putting Kris in a wheel barrow to get him out.

The atmosphere was infectious and opens its doors to everyone, families, birthday parties or just a little mid-week fun! Whether it’s for a game of bowling or a meal and a few drinks it’s worth a visit.

We had a fantastic night and cannot wait to get back for more fun and frolics.