Want to burn the maximum amount of calories in the minimum amount of time whilst enjoying a fun and exciting group workout?

Speedflex is a unique, results-driven, circuit-based training concept which will transform your exercise regime, and help you achieve your goals. Catering for all ages and levels of abilities, the Speedflex offers individuals a real and effective alternative to conventional gyms and exercise.
Tapping into the trend of HIIT training, Speedflex sessions are led by experienced personal trainers and combine a low impact, high intensity, cardiovascular and resistance workout with excellent motivational and measurement tools for optimum calorie burn and results.
Each circuit features unique Speedflex machines which automatically respond to and create resistance levels based on the individual’s force. This enables users of all levels to work out together, at their own pace, without the risk of injury, whilst exercising multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
Combining the concentrically focused exercise with auxiliary stations of traditional exercise, individuals can expect to burn more calories than they ever thought possible, with little to no post exercise muscle fatigue or soreness.
Before embarking on their Speedflex journey, users undertake a comprehensive induction process and health screening and are constantly monitored by Speedflex physiologists. The assessment includes a body composition analysis, a look at blood chemistry and tests aerobic fitness levels to give all users a baseline for development.
Once equipped with the latest state of the art heart rate monitors, users are motivated to work to their maximum potential as they are put through their paces by the Speedflex trainers and watch their progress on large screens. The group camaraderie spurs individuals to reach their personal bests and complete the circuit in record time.
Speedflex training offers a wide range of benefits including accelerated fat loss, improved muscle tone, strength and bone density and enhanced power and speed. When incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, regular sessions can also help to improve heart health, decrease blood pressure and lead to long term weight loss.
Since its launch, Speedflex has acquired a wide range of followers from elite athletes and paralympian champions to everyday busy professionals and working mums. Celebrity fans include ex-premier footballer Alan Shearer and sports TV presenter Ben Shephard, who both advocate using this unique training system to stay in peak condition.
So whether your fitness goal is to sculpt or strengthen, visit Speedflex Leeds and push yourself beyond your current limits to achieve maximum results.
Speedflex: tap into the trend that has everyone talking!
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