William Rose checks out Roxy Lanes

William Rose

William Rose, editor of Student Dweller, checks out Roxy Lanes.

Like its sister, Roxy Ball Room did with ping-pong, it’s brought bowling to adults and more importantly, to nights out. Situated in the centre of Leeds, above Tesco on Bond Street, Roxy Lanes is a unique blend of bowling, beers and food; it’s a different atmosphere to every other bar in Leeds.

The whole place has a youthful, stylish American feel and upon first glance, you will understand why. With varnished wooden surfaces, shiny striped bowling balls and those velcro shoes that are an integral part of the whole experience, the alleys exert an authentic vibe.

I decided to take my girlfriend which added a lot of pressure to the whole evening. A bad night and I’m straight into the bad books! I was relying on Roxy Lanes. They delivered.

A great selection of draught lager, ranging from Cobra to Asahi, a game of bowling and some indie music in the background. What could go wrong? Oh yeah, we’re both terrible bowlers.

However, if you are like us and are terrible at bowling then don’t let this put you off! The bowling is still a great laugh and it makes it all the more worthwhile when you bag an unlikely strike. The whole experience is relaxing yet still manages to be exciting.

Roxy Lanes

Roxy Lanes

After the game of bowling, which I’m very proud to say I won, we went for something to eat. I expected some basic bar food but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I opted for a BBQ Pulled-Pork Burger which was the highlight of my night. Served in a burger basket, they continued to stick to their unique American vibe and despite the fact they’re a bar they serve restaurant quality food.

Roxy Lanes is a one-of-a-kind idea that has been thoroughly planned and well executed. When I first heard of a bar where you could bowl, I was skeptical but it’s a place you really shouldn’t judge until you go. Whether you’re looking for something different or just after a good night in Leeds, it’s definitely worth paying them a visit.