Savages return with their long awaited second album ‘Adore Life’ and a date in Leeds in 2016.

In terms of making an entrance, few have done it with such a kick in the midriff as Savages thrilling debut album ‘Silence Yourself’. So much so, that three years on, they’re follow up ‘Adore Life’ is one of the most anticipated records of 2016.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too much longer, as it’s set for release on Friday 22nd January 2016. ‘The Answer’, the first cut from the record, picks up where ‘Silence Yourself’ left off, in pulverising fashion, and will whet appetites for their show at Leeds Irish Centre.

There was no beating around the bush with their debut. Every track demanded your attention, whether it was in its uncomfortable, often threatening pauses, or in its unrelenting fury – from ‘Shut Up’, ’Strife’ and ‘Dead Nature’ to the albums pinnacle with ‘She Will’ and ‘No Face’.

It was an album to be witnessed in the flesh, and whenever, or wherever Savages went upon its release they turned their audience into believers with their intense live shows, that often bordered on cult-like fever, rather than your normal concert atmosphere.

This is what makes ‘Adore Life’, and their return to Leeds at the Irish Centre next year so anticipated. Savages return, with the possibility of making themselves one of the most unmissable bands in the country once again, and chances are they’ll take it, because no one will be willing to go against them.

If you’ve seen Savages before, you’ll know the aural and visual assault they promise – it’s like few others out there. If you’ve not, then you’re in for a treat, but be warned, you might never be the same again, and trust us, that’s no bad thing.

Savages play Leeds Irish Centre at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd February 2016. Tickets are available.