#sleepwithsimon is the annual sponsored sleep out for Simon on the Streets. Simon on the Streets is an independent charity that supports rough sleepers in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield; helping them to get off the streets and tackle their unmet, complex needs around mental health, addiction and alcoholism.

The sleep out takes place at the Royal Armouries Tilt Yard on September 24th. For more information you can visit the event website www.sleepwithsimon.co.uk

“It isn’t about replicating rough sleeping, you can’t possibly replicate rough sleeping in one night. We’re not able to give you 15 years of entrenched addiction and mental health problems and the childhood trauma that leads up to it to make one night realistic. It’s not like rough sleeping and thank God it’s not.”  – Helen Beachell, General Manager, Simon on the Streets.

To read more about Simon on the Streets, check this out: http://leedscitymagazine.co.uk/simon-on-the-streets-2/

“Simon On The Streets is an independent charity supporting people who have unmet complex needs. We have projects in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield. The individuals we support sit in the margins of our society, suffering from a range of emotional and practical issues such as social exclusion, mental illness, addictions and poverty.”