After the huge success of E4 and 12 Yard Productions’ Sorority Girls, we caught up with one of the winning Leeds students, Maxine Howarth, to find out what being a sorority girl is really like…

What have you been up to since Sorority Girls ended?

At the moment I haven’t really been doing much to be honest, mostly focusing on my studies for exams and essay deadlines. Such a bore. It’s the same with the other 4 sorority girls but we do plan on meeting soon to discuss what we can do for the sorority!

What are the American sorority girls really like?

You know what, they were actually really nice. Dominique was the sweetest girl she had a tough role to play throughout the show, and I think viewers took a massive dislike to her. They are all really sweet but it was funny to see how they coped with the cultural differences. It would have been nicer to spend more time with them off camera though.

How are they different from English girls?

They just don’t get the fact that being a student here means so much partying and so much alcohol! They were so horrified at our outfits. It’s quite funny though looking back at their reactions to things because we had no idea what they were saying about us before we watched it on the show. Who’d of thought that 8 piercings is SNSG?! Well inappropriate!



What was your personal highlight of the series?

It’s so hard to say because everything we did was just so hilarious. I think we’re all gutted about how much stuff they cut out though. I LOVED it when the frat boys came though, we all just got so hammered and got to let our hair down for once! And who doesn’t love a toga party!?

What was the worst challenge you had to do?

I know it looked hilarious but the pie eating had to be the worst. I absolutely hate pies and having to shove as many down my throat in 5 minutes isn’t exactly my favourite past time! It was so gross and we lost even though I’d eaten 5 pies – I definitely won’t be doing that again.

Do you feel like the show changed you as a person?

I think in some ways it has. When you see what people think of you and how you act it makes you think a bit. I used to have a majorly bad mouth on me but I’ve definitely toned it down and I have learnt to be a bit more lady like, I should have gone on Ladette to Lady really hah!

If you could go back to the beginning of the show would you change anything?

I don’t think I would. I was true to myself and didn’t make a complete boob out of myself. I do wish I hadn’t cried so much though! It just got really intense at times and everyone got stressed out. I also wish I’d have won more challenges…
I was on social probation literally every week!

Finally, how would you like to be remembered by viewers?

I hope they see me as a real person that they can relate to. I know I’ve been stereotyped as the tomboy with piercings and tattoos, but to be honest, I hope they see that I’m not that bad!