It’s like an unwritten law. When the Coca-Cola ad airs for the first time, it’s officially Christmas – and now, it’s coming to Leeds.

At Christmas, you’re as likely to get ‘Holidays Are Coming’ stuck in your head as you are ‘Silent Night’ – and for many of us, the first time that song rings out from the TV is the official start of the festive season. And this year, you can see the real thing, as the truck itself comes to Victoria Gardens on Thursday 10th December 2015.

Yes, it’s an advert and yes it’s commercialism – but Coca-Cola and Christmas come hand in hand. So chances are we aren’t the only ones that were excited to hear that their iconic Christmas truck is coming to Leeds. It’s set to arrive at Victoria Gardens at 12 midday and will be staying all day and late into the night, leaving for its next stop at 8pm.

There’ll be plenty of photo opportunities, with the lovely backdrop of Leeds Town Hall, Library and Art Gallery, as well as plenty of the famed fizzy pop for those of you who are feeling thirsty. They’ll be creating their own little winter wonderland too, and if you come later in the day, you’ll be able to see the truck light up the sky. So bring the kids and give the festive season the official Coca-Cola opening.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck will be in Victoria Gardens in Leeds from 12 midday to 8pm on Thursday 10th December 2015. It’s free and open to everyone, although there may be a queue to have your picture taken.