Yorkshire Dance, Trinity leeds and Tim Casson invite the public to be part of an exciting and unusual dance performance at Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre on the 24th and 25th of January.

‘The Dance WE Made’  turns you into the choreographer, regardless of your dance experience. It truly is an interactive dance experience.

With UK-based choreographer Tim Casson and his team at Trinity Leeds chatting with shoppers through the weekend, he plans to listen to their experiences and stories in order to devise a dance based on the conversations! After the completion of this, the dance will be turned into a film for all to see. The film will be posted on the Yorkshire Dance website shortly after the final date.

This isn’t the first ‘The Dance WE Made’ and other locations have included London, Glastonbury and New York.

Following the creation of the dance and film, Tim and Yorkshire Dance will be returning to Trinity Leeds in June 2015. Upon their return, Trinity Leeds will play host to a large-scale flash mob, and once again the public are invited to be involved.

If you are interested in being part of ‘The Dance WE Made’ be at Trinity Leeds this weekend between 10.00am – 4.00pm, and look out for the camera crew.

Watch previous dance creations by Tim and the public on ‘The Dance WE Made’ website: www.thedancewemade.co.uk

“The Dance WE Made brings dance to the public in wonderful new ways.” –  The New York Times

“It’s a creative project that not only draws attention to public space and how we inhabit it, but exemplifies the creative force in each and every one of us.” – Huffington Post