The latest Trinity Kitchen street food line-up!

In the last two years over 120 street food vans have been lifted in to the innovative dining kitchen, and more than 2.7 million foodie visitors have passed through its doors. Over 23,000 popped Champagne corks have been popped since 2013…

The following five vendors will be joining the party from Monday 19th October to Sunday 29th November.

Dim Sum Su – @DimSumSU

Positioning themselves as creators of ‘cheeky’ Cantonese street food, this van brings the explosive taste sensation from the streets of Hong Kong to the people of Leeds. Using fresh ingredients from local farmers markets paired with tricks of the street food trade from Southern China, Dim Sum Su will bring more than spring rolls to the table this autumn.

KuKoos – @KukoosbyZouk

Offering 100% fresh and sunshine soaked food from India, Morocco and Lebanon Kukoos will bring summer to England all year round. Whether the spice-packed food is inspired by the souks of Morocco, the stalls of Beruit or markets of Mumbai, KuKoo aims to put more fun into food and warm you up from the inside out.

BangWok – @BangWokThai

Live and kicking, BangWok brings the vibrant, full-on flavour of Thai street food to Trinity Kitchen! With a varied and versatile menu, BangWok is returning to knock out the true flavour Thai curries fresh from Bangkok with plenty of secretly-spiced Sriracha fried rice to meet public demand!

Crabbieshack – @Crabbieshack

Bringing a selection of shellfish to the Kitchen, The Crabbieshack is skilled in pairing beautiful lobster and soft shell crab into ready to eat dishes. Whether it‟s seasoned with fennel, spiced with Wasabi or topped with avocado, the Shack is pro at bringing out the flavour in seafood.

Love Rouge Bakery – @loverougebakery

Keeping you sweet this month we have Love Rouge Bakery from just up the road in Headingley. These baking buddies will be serving freshly baked cupcakes, brownies & traditional cakes in a variety of flavours plus Teapigs teas and Grumpy Mule coffee. Scrumptious.