Sneaky Experience have done it again, this time creating a magical underground world where fairy tales come to life…

Once again, the cells beneath Leeds Town Hall will be transformed into a forest, but this time it’s the work of those creative folk at Sneaky Experience. They’ve got a whole host of events lined up for you in the run up to Christmas, all centred around the famed tales from the Brothers Grimm.

The fun starts on 10th December 2015, running all the way through to 24th December 2015, with a few breaks in between for screening of family favourites like Frozen and The Lego Movies, not to mention a festive screening of It’s a Wonderful Life.
Tales of Grimm Wood

It’s set to be a magical affair, as trees spurt from the ground in the lower levels of Leeds Town Hall. In this unique location, you’ll find a series of events to please every and all ages. Whichever you choose, you’ll always be treated to tour of The Tales of Grimm Woods.

First up, they’ve got The Story Trees, an early morning session that starts at 9:30am and has been specially designed for little ones up to 6 years old. This isn’t your usual story time though – told by Goldilocks herself, it’ll see the kids storming through the various rooms that make up Sneaky Experience’s enchanted forest, meeting famed fairytale characters like Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and Jack (complete with his magic beans) along the way.

It’s a loud, lively event that will give the kids plenty of opportunities to burn off their early morning energy, as they set about feeding the creatures of the woods, beating the evil witch in the process. After the half hour performance, you can sit down to breakfast with the characters you’ve met, with coffee for the parents, hot chocolate for the kids and all manner of pastries for everyone.

Next up at The Tales of Grimm Woods is Whispers in the Woods. Here, Little Red Riding Hood will be taking over where Goldilocks left off, this time for an event designed for 6 to 14 year olds.
Tales of Grimm Wood

Their story telling adventure will also see them exploring the woods, meeting famed characters and joining in every step of the way. At the end of the journey, there’s a very special guest, Santa himself – who’s taking time out to tell them one of his favourite stories. You can, of course, stick around after for drinks and treats, making the most of the woodland scene.

Finally, the evening brings The Night of the Krampus to The Tales of Grimm Woods. Less focused on the kids and more focused on us adults, it’s for folk aged 14 plus.

The darker side of fairytales is brought to life here, as we get an alternative to the usual Christmas tale. The Krampus is the wicked counterpart of Santa, punishing the naughty rather than rewarding the good. With Red Riding Hood as your guide, you’ll venture into the woods on Krampusnacht, on an adventure that will see you pitted against The Krampus as he tries to destroy the stories stored in the crypt.

Whether you save the stories of old or lose them to The Krampus, you can celebrate or drown your sorrows in the bar, where they’ll be serving up mulled wine, craft beer and cocktails.

The Tales of Grimm Woods will be at Leeds Town Hall from 10th to 24th December 2015. Tickets are limited, get yours while you can.