DJs, TV hosts, athletes and more share their thoughts on why Leeds Pride is important to them as well as the people in the LGBTQ+ community to Leeds City Magazine.


I enjoy Pride for a few reasons. I feel like it’s a day or month where we can celebrate our accomplishments as a community.

– Robbie Rogers, Footballer

It’s so important that people have a place where they can see that we’re all in this together and where they can see that gay people are now accepted in society! Leeds is a great city for gay people too and I can’t wait till Leeds Pride to celebrate this diversity. A lot of people ask if we still need Leeds Pride events in 2017 because we’ve moved forward so much as a society. But I think they’re so important! Let’s not forget the horrible things that are happening around the world to gay people and I think the Pride events are an opportunity for us to be grateful for what we have, to just enjoy our lives and be ourselves.

– Owain Wyn Evens, Weatherman



It’s huge! I’d seen London Pride and Manchester Pride grow over the the years but last year, I was on Leeds City Council’s open top bus and to be there and to see people from all walks of life clapping, cheering and waving flags was wonderful. Leeds Pride is about living life with no filter and being your true, authentic self.

– Stephanie Hirst, Radio Presenter


For me, Leeds Pride is a celebration of life in this city. It’s fantastic that we can give everyone a place to come together and celebrate their diversity.

– Paul Stone, Singer

Pride is a day where we can celebrate our accomplishments as a community but also remain vigilant and vocal about our future obstacles in finding equality for our whole community.

– Liaquat Ali, Leeds Pride Director
‘Leeds Pride is about celebrating life and love and spreading hope that things are getting better.’
– Alexandra McEwan-Hannant, Leeds Pride Director