Transport Guide to Leeds

Buses around Leeds!

There are plenty of ways to get around Leeds, from trains to taxis. Here’s our transport guide to Leeds:

The moment you step foot anywhere remotely near Leeds you’ll no doubt be no more than a few yards away from a First Bus, who operate loads of services throughout and around the City. Visit for more info, detailed routes and pricing schemes.

One company definitely worth checking out is Megabus, who offer some insanely cheap fares for getting round the country. You can get places like London, Birmingham and loads of other cities for just just a few pounds! One word of advice though, make sure your ipod is fully charged and you’ve got a decent book and magazine, because you might be out of action for a few hours! Visit for more info and bookings.

If you fancy treating yourself then check out National Express, another top coach company running nationwide services. They will set you back slightly more than a pound but you’ll get there in a bit more comfort and sometimes quicker. Visit for more info and bookings.


A popular taxi company for Students are Amber Cars, with one of their features being that if you’re short of cash you can give them your student card and pay your fare when you collect it later from either the University Union or their Armley Office.

Athlone Street, Armley, Leeds, LS12 1UB,
0113 231 1366

Another great Taxi company in Leeds, they offer great fares and a prompt service.

17 Viaduct Road, Burley, Leeds, LS4 2AP
0113 231 1310


As you could probably figure out, the train hub of Leeds is Leeds Train Station (….you don’t say….) so this is the place to start any merry cross-country journey you make. Loads of Buses come down to the station (the 95 comes from the Headingley and University areas) but it’s right in the City Centre if you can walk it. If you ever have a weekend where you fancy something different, why not impulsively hop on to the train to Manchester or Sheffield, two of Leeds’ neighbouring cities for a great day/night out? Trains are very frequent and pretty cheap, even more so if you have a young persons railcard.

Check out our West Yorkshire’s rail Network Map for information on the rail system around Leeds, or visit for bookings.

Prices are subject to change.