Fresh from supporting Jurassic 5 on their 2014 UK tour, West Coast Hip Hop Trio, Ugly Duckling, are back courtesy of AGMP

Ugly Duckling were formed in Long Beach, California. They are comprised of Andy Cooper ( MC ),Dizzy Dustin ( MC ) and Young Einstein ( DJ ).

After a few years of demos, small shows, and meetings with skeptical label representatives the band formed their own record company in 1997 and released a 12″ record called Fresh Mode. The LP sold 3,000 copies around the world and put the boys on the map. In 1998 UD signed their first record deal with 1500 Records/Interscope. This partnership saw the release of the Fresh Mode EP in 1999 as well as the group’s first full length album, Journey To Anywhere, which was released in 2001. In 1999, after the release of Fresh Mode, the boys started touring on the back of their modest success and have not stopped traveling or putting out albums since.

Ugly Duckling’s musical sound is a combination of late 80’s/early 90’s hip hop, funk, soul, and jazz with plenty of humor and high-spirited skillfulness from both lyricists and DJ. Audiences and critics have agreed over the years that Ugly Duckling’s brand of hip hop is unique and authentic while the stage show is always fun, exciting, and super tight. Comparable to groups like Jurassic 5, The Pharcyde, and A Tribe Called Quest, the band knows how to make listeners feel good and has kept their musical authenticity throughout the years, avoiding the pitfalls and embarrassment of pop star ambition.

The band has released 6 albums, embarked on countless tours, and developed a worldwide fanbase. In 2003 they even squeaked into the UK and German charts with their song A Little Samba. Labels have come and gone but fan support has remained solid. Ugly Duckling’s music has always been of the highest quality and their live show is a large part of their identity.

They’ve performed at Leeds Festival in the past and even at the famous Coachella Festival in America.

They will perform at the Hi-Fi Club in Leeds on the 27th April.