Today we have Children in Need, Sports Relief, Comic Relief, Cancer Relief and Red Nose Day, all worthwhile and making a huge difference, however we have NOTHING for pets, stray animals or wildlife, which is why Wetnose has been set up to help sick and abused animals in rescue centres across the UK today.

Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger set up Wetnose Animal Aid in the year 2000, a unique non-profit organisation raising funds for sick animals in care across the UK.

After running a rescue centre for 13 years we know how hard and emotional it is looking after stray and sick animals and being called out at a moment’s notice.

Taking animals to the vets, re-homing dogs and cats and trying to funds raise at the same time and of course painting and repairs, not easy working 24/7 with no holidays and no time off.”

Says MD and Founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger.

“Just think what a difference £1,000,000 could make to our rescue centres, paying off £4,000 or £6,000 vets bills or buying a month’s supply of animal feed would make such a difference.”

We are always on the lookout for animal friendly sponsors too.

Their aim of Wetnose Day is to raise funds to help animal rescue centres across the UK who look after, cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, wildlife, snakes and retiles all animals.

Fundraising ideas include:

  • Horse Treasure Hunt
  • Fancy Dress Old Car Rally
  • Boat Race
  • Bike Ride
  • Hawaii BBQ
  • Keep Fit Athon
  • An auction
  • Dress down day
  • Dress up day!
  • Dance Athon
  • Film night
  • An afternoon tea event
  • A barn dance
  • Sit in a bath of skin healthy mud!

The knowledge and skills the animal rescue teams have is phenomenal which is why we need to encourage young people to learn more about animal welfare, vets, farriers, behaviourists, nutrition and so much more.”

Adds Andrea.

Woodgreen Animal Shelter in Godmanchester says,

“Wetnose Day is an amazing opportunity to raise the profile of the many animals being cared for by rescue organisations around the country.

Sadly Wood Green like so many organisations, are constantly full of animals in need of extra special care and attention as they no longer have an owner to call their own.

Some will have serious medical conditions that require immediate, expensive treatments, others will require confidence building and training in order to help them cope with day to day life.

And most just need a loving home where they will be given the care and stimulation that they need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Wetnose Day is a chance to give these animals a voice, and to remind people to ‘think rescue’ rather than buying a puppy from a breeder or over the internet.