Why Study in Leeds?

So you’re a prospective  student looking for the perfect city? The main things to consider should be the nightlife, the activities, the events on offer and the accessibility of the city. With Leeds, you get a thriving city, offering everything you need and loads more. From student hubs to cultural hotspots, from easy-to-use transport services to huge nightclubs – Leeds is the city that you’re searching for.

Leeds City Centre

Leeds City Centre

We understand that the nights out are an important part of student life and Leeds offers every type of night out. Headingley, the student capital of Leeds, boasts a fantastic selection of modern bars and pubs while the City Centre offers just about everything you could want for a big night out. With a range of lively nightclubs, fantastic drinking and dining destinations and just about everything in-between at budget prices. Aside from being a fantastic night out, Leeds City Centre is a world-class shopping destination with high street shops, such as Harvey Nichols, and glamorous shopping malls, such as the Trinity Leeds and The Merrion Centre to mention a few. It’s worth noting that most shops, bars and restaurants will offer suitable student discounts too!

Why Study in Leeds: Student Lock in at Leeds Trinity

The Student Lock in at Trinity Leeds!

Leeds is a passionate sporting city with popular football, cricket and rugby teams. As a result of this, there are chances to watch lots of sport! However, more importantly, there are opportunities to play sport! With hundreds of amateur football, cricket and rugby sides, a wide variety of surprisingly affordable gyms to join and several sport centres just waiting for you to use them, it is easy for you to stay active while at university. You can see other ways here.

Don’t worry, though. Leeds isn’t just a good night out, a bit of sport and a nice day shopping. It’s a fabulous city of culture with dozens of places to visit including museums, galleries and theatres  – plenty free of charge! The Leeds Art Gallery showcases stunning collections and constantly changing exhibitions while the Royal Armouries Museum is Britain’s national museum of arms and armour! You can see more cultural attractions here and you can see what’s on at the theatre through December here.

With this much going on in Leeds, you’d expect it to be hard to get to each of them. The truth couldn’t be any further away! With buses, trains and various taxi services available all year round, it is easy to get from A to B at affordable prices. Plus most of the action is in the City Centre which is only a ten minute walk from the main universities!

You can find much more about Leeds on this website.

Why Live in Leeds?

Leeds is also a great place for students to live as the city has some fantastic properties available for students.You can find more details on where to live on our property page.

Where to study in Leeds?

Leeds University –

Why Study in Leeds: Leeds University

Leeds University

Leeds University boasts a student population of 33,500 students and, as a member of the prestigious Russell Group Universities, is considered one of the best universities in the country. The University is located near the centre, right in the heart of the city centre and  You can see their prospectus here or check out their website here.

Leeds Beckett University –

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University

Formerly Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds Beckett University offers fantastic facilities  and teaching for all courses. It is ranked as one of the top universities for any sports-related course and came second in The Times’ University of the Year competition in 2006. With over 25,000 students, the university is popular all over the country. You can check out their website here.

Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity has nearly 3000 students and specialises in specific subjects such as media, journalism, marketing and education. The university offer a professional, relevant work placement with every degree and due to this, 93% of all students are in further education or in employment within 6 months of graduating. Leeds Trinity is also famous for it’s fantastic postgraduates courses in journalism and teacher training. You can check out their website here.

For higher/further education, there are some fantastic colleges and sixth forms such as:

Notre Dam: They offer over 34 A Level Subjects to study and are ranked in the top 10% of sixth form colleges in the country. You can see their website here.

Leeds City College: Leeds City College cater to over 40,000 students and operate out of six main campuses and have dozens of provisions over the region. You can check out their website here.

Leeds College of Art

Leeds College of Art

Leeds Art College: The College of Art offer a range of courses which range from BAs to smaller qualifications. It’s a great opportunity to study in a close-knit community with a creative possibility. See their website here.

Leeds Music College: Leeds Music College also offer a range of short courses and BAs. With an acclaimed music scene and a vibrant student population, it is a great place to be for any young musician. See their website here.

Leeds College of Building: The Leeds College Of Building offers something for everyone with a range of course awarding various different certificates on a variety of topics. See their website here.