Maths homework need not be a chore. Even the most calculation-shy teen can learn to enjoy maths, with a little imagination


Maths has an unfair reputation as the most boring of school subjects. Maths is not just a school subject, but a fundamental part of day to day life, and it’s therefore vital that your child is not discouraged from studying it. Maths does not need to be any less exciting than any other topic. If your teen loves English, art, music or science, then there’s no reason why they cannot also come to love maths. All it takes is a little creativity.


Make it a game

Maths needn’t be about a page of problems to struggle through; instead you should look on the subject as an opportunity to solve puzzles and challenge yourself in a positive way. When maths is no longer intimidating, it becomes little more than a relaxing brain-training activity, and the best way to make maths feel less stressful is to turn it into a game. You can do this by incorporating maths into board or card games, or buying a book of puzzles, like Sudoku. Adding a little competitive play will help your teen learn in a more interactive, hands-on manner, and make maths feel less intimidating.


Involve the screen

Teenagers love their devices, so bring maths into their world by downloading maths apps onto their phone or tablet. There are tons of apps out there for every maths subject, from basic concepts to more niche theories. They might be games, puzzles, or interactive educational tools, but any will provide your teen with the skills, knowledge and practice they need.


Talk to their teacher

Your child’s maths teacher is the best resource you have at your disposal. Anyone who dedicates their life to teaching maths to teenagers is bound to have some tricks to share. Make an appointment with them to discuss your teenager’s needs and concerns, and ask them if they can recommend any books, tools or other resources which might make revision and homework easier and more enjoyable.


Set a good example

Letting your child know that you dislike maths, or were never any good at, will make you seem like a hypocrite when you try to get them to do some homework or revision. Instead encourage them to embrace maths as an enjoyable challenge, one which you can help them to overcome. Children need to know that just because something appears difficult, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing.


Show them the relevance

Maths is a part of life. Show your teen how many things depend on a basic knowledge of maths, so they know that they cannot escape it. Get them to help with cooking or baking to measure out ingredients, work out times and temperatures. Ask them to help you work out the grocery bill in the supermarket, or even get a part time job to work out wages.


Consider summer school

Summer school isn’t a punishment, but a wonderful way to increase your child’s knowledge, confidence, social skills, and to equip them with all the tools they’ll need for university and their future careers. The Immerse Education summer school in Cambridge provides a well-rounded combination of traditional classroom teaching, in-class discussions, and interactive activities to help your teenager learn maths in the manner best suited to their needs. The other students are friendly, the tutors are world-renowned experts, and the surroundings of the esteemed university colleges  is sure to inspire any teenager – whether they love maths or just need to increase their confidence – to study hard and achieve great things.