Daisy-Mae Fry is an art and design student and her art is being displayed at Bar Fibre in Leeds on the 13th February.

I’ve been studying art and design for 4 years, currently doing a HND course at Calderdale collage and my specialisms are fashion design and graphics. I love creating controversial and eye catching pieces! I think it’s important to create something personal to you and to the way you think and feel in that moment. I’ve always had a huge interest in fashion and my biggest influences are fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and photographer Terry Richardson, both two very controversial but extremely creative artists.

I didn’t really know what to do after studying, I knew I always wanted to do something in fashion, but after studying in 6th form for two years then going onto the foundation course at collage I wanted to take a break and travel. I went to Australia for 4 months and traveled up the east coast, which was an amazing experience, and a chance to be independent. When I decided to come home I wanted to continue studying. I was too late to apply for a university, but I was accepted on the art and design HND course at Calderdale.

I never really thought anything of my art work. To me it was just something I enjoyed doing for my own pleasure and to get the grades! I never thought I’d have an opportunity for it to be seen, but recently that all changed. On February the 13th, my work will be displayed in the penthouse at Bar Fibre, Leeds. It will be a 2 hour event from 6pm till 8pm and it will feature 3 collections of numbered and signed work with a variety of different themes. You will also get the chance to see my fashion collection worn by our models during the event. If you don’t get the opportunity to come to the event you can find the pieces on my Instagram account ‘miss_mae_96’ or you can find me on behance as ‘daisy mae fry’.

See her artwork below.