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City Authors: 3 New Books in Leeds

Showcasing some of the undiscovered talents and authors that make Leeds the great city we all love! Here are our city authors:

Leeds United – The only place for us

Jon Howe, a passionate Leeds fan and the author of ‘All White: Leeds United’s 100 Greatest Players’, is releasing his latest Leeds United book to the world.
Through fires, gypsy curses and a whole host of cherished memories ‘The Only Place For Us’ pulls together the never-been-told history of Elland Road, one of the most iconic sporting arenas in the country. Using archive research, fascinating photographs, fans’ memories and the inside knowledge of people involved, Jon Howe tells the unique story of how Elland Road fought through adversary, neglect and re-development to become one of the most feared football grounds in Europe, and a fine, modern stadium reeking with history and intrigue. The book is illustrated throughout with some rare and unseen photographs of Elland Road’s development and unique features.

We spoke to Jon about Elland Road and how he went about writing the book:

“The book has taken the best part of three years to put together and has become a really personal mission. I’ve spoken to lots of people associated with Leeds United; fans, ex-employees/contractors, managers, directors and even mascots and have loved listening to people’s stories and memories.

I wanted the book to be a record of the ground’s history but also to acknowledge the geographical area around Elland Road. It’s a fans’ book and fans park in certain places and go to certain pubs and fish ‘n’ chip shops etc every match of every season, so the surrounding area is important to them and there is history all around Elland Road.

There are also some great photos in the book, some of which have been provided by the families of people who have worked at Elland Road, so I know they haven’t been seen before. There are a lot of books about Leeds United, but I think this book is unique, and completes the ‘Leeds United’ picture because it documents everything around us and tells some untold stories about what happened there.”

The book will be available from Amazon via this short link at www.goo.gl/BqJ2rP, Waterstones and all other good stockists from February 12.

You can visit Jon Howe’s website here:

Experience a new type of friendship – a new novel, with an eastern twist!

Gideon and the Crimson Samurai is a new pre teen novel, by Black British, indie-author, Ricky Lee Baxter.  Ricky might have a familiar face if you have visited Trinity Leeds – working in their customer service lounge. Often handing out your favourite City Dweller magazine to visitors.

City Author Ricky Lee Baxter

City Author Ricky Lee Baxter

As we live in an age that is becoming more culturally integrated, with diverse ways of life, friendship and love – Gideon and the Crimson Samurai is a fictional novel, made to reflect the unique kinds of relationships we have, and resulting obstacles we face, together in this world.
Twelve-year-old Gideon has never felt at home within his city – only displacement, especially following the mysterious departure of his father. Life isn’t kind to the young boy, and a series of unfortunate events seem to roll from bad to worse.

His life changes however, when a foul-mouthed samurai enters his life, and the two embark on a grand journey of friendship and self-discovery. Along their journey they will meet others, from different backgrounds – each sharing a misfortune, yet with a burning desire for belonging.  Gideon and the Crimson Samurai is a unique novel, written in play format, suited for readers aged 12+, and contains relevant themes that mirror our society today.

Within the first three weeks, this exciting new novel has acquired five 5 star reviews, and will soon be made into an audio book.  Gideon and the Crimson Samurai is a self-published work, available online at www.goo.gl/BhYmrw (Amazon). Ricky is an avid blogger and you can view his past publication, Colours of Destiny – a Youtube visual novel, on You Tube with over 2,000 views at www.goo.gl/B4aloE

Bright Lights White NightsNew Fiction Novel From A Leeds Author

Andy Carter was born in Leeds in 1986 and grew up in Headingley. After graduating from Lancaster University in 2009, he spent two years as a care worker with St Anne’s community services in Bramley. Andy has now turned his hand to penning novels.

Bright Lights White Nights is a crime-fiction book, it is humorous and not meant to be taken too seriously. There are references to Leeds throughout the book as the protagonist grew up in Leeds and is a Leeds United supporter. Andy sums up the novel –

“Struggling with the daily torture of call-centre work, Chris’s mid- twenties disillusion hits its lowest ebb when his girlfriend reveals that she has been sleeping with her driving instructor. Something has to change. Chris exchanges Leeds for the bright lights of Hong Kong where he finds a flat in the infamous Wan Chai district and hopes to rekindle his dwindling enthusiasm for life. After finding a job teaching English to adults and befriending some colourful characters, it seems that moving east was an inspired decision. However, following a chance meeting with Sophie, a beautiful girl from his past, things takes a disastrous turn and Chris inadvertently becomes embroiled in a debauched adventure involving the players and oddballs of Hong Kong’s cocaine underworld.”

Bright Lights and White Nights is being published by Proverse and will be out in April. Andy plans to do a book launch in the Wardrobe in Leeds.