Whether you’re a huge fan of urban art, want to graffiti your walls but live in a rented space, or are simply looking for a unique way to decorate your teen’s bedroom, these graffiti wallpapers will have you rushing over to Wallsauce.com immediately.

Launched by creators of unique made-to-measure wallpapers, Wallsauce.com, this popular collection of graffiti wallpaper features a huge range of urban artwork suitable for any living or commercial space. Featuring all types of graffiti, from brightly coloured word art and spray paint effect objects, to abstract depictions of animals and people from popular culture – there is literally a graffiti wallpaper perfect for all tastes. For the all out graffiti lover, there’s the most popular graffiti wallpaper from Wallsauce.com ‘Hip Hop Graffiti’ featuring a striking piece of spray paint word art that looks as if it was taken straight from a wall in Berlin. Alternatively, those looking for something full of impact but still on trend will love the monochrome graffiti wallpaper ‘Abstract Doodles’.

“Our favourite wallpaper in particular is ‘Be What You Want To Be’ by photographer Nick Jackson, we won’t spoil it so take a look for yourself but the message behind it is a great and positive one.” Rachel Kenny, Head of Design at Wallsauce.com

The wallpapers are all made-to-measure to fit any wall and will really add impact, transforming a space instantly. They’re all supplied in panels and available in three materials; ‘Standard’ ‘Premium’ and ‘Peel & Stick’, a self-adhesive material that can easily be removed (a great option for anyone in rented accommodation).

The price of graffiti wallpaper from Wallsauce.com starts at £26/m². The Wallsauce.com design studio is also available to make artwork amendments or custom designs.