Since Everyman became a permanent resident in Trinity Leeds I became a convert, any other cinema in the city doesn’t even get a look in from me. What’s more, gone are the days of stale popcorn and off the shelf snacks as Everyman’s built in restaurant Forzza serves up a superb, brand new, menu of food and drink that fellow City Dweller Fletch and I couldn’t wait to try.

On the Monday evening that we visited our plan was to have a bite to eat, knock back a drink or two then catch the new Avengers flick. Fortunately for us (and take this as advice) we booked in advance otherwise there may have been a little wait for a table, Forzza was bustling from the moment we stepped in, from the smells wafting from the pizza oven, and the offer of free Margarita Mondays, it wasn’t hard to see why.

The décor and vibe of Forzza was very fitting with the Everyman brand, its retro, mis-match furniture against the exposed metal structure creates a relaxed atmosphere from which to enjoy your meal.

Forzza Restaurant Burger

Forzza Restaurant Burger

As soon as we were seated our waitress was straight on the ball to explain the menu and recommend the Pinot Noir for our Red Wine preference. From browsing the menu it was clear to see Forrza’s offerings were spot on for its surroundings, what initially appears to be simple options of Pizza, salads and burgers actually have a unique, appetizing twist.

Struggling to whittle down what we wanted Fletch and I were both in agreement to pig out and order a full on Forzza feast! To start we went for the Chicken Wings and the Nachos with Guacamole. Now for me the wings were peaking at my pathetic heat tolerance level but Fletch on the other hand could have handled a stronger kick, however there was no loss as he found great appreciation in the thick, blue cheese sauce that accompanied them. The generously sized Nacho’s had a decent coating of melted cheese and the chunky, homemade Guac was seriously good, so much so we kept what was left aside to have with our mains.

Having previously spotted the authentic, stone oven there was no question that Pizza was to be our choice of mains (the Pulled Pork Bun shall just have to wait for another day), each of the seven options (some being vegetarian friendly) tickled the taste buds but for us the winners were to be the Pepperoni, Picante Sauce and Pepperdew, and the Brasied Beef, Rocket, Garlic and Gremolata. The Picante sauce gave the Pepperoni added spice which clearly satisfied Fletch’s steel pallet, whilst the Pepperdew brought a hint of sweetness. The Braised Beef was an order out of curiosity as I had never had beef on pizza before, one bite in and it was a ‘where have you been all my life’ moment, the tender, chunks of meat were juicy, bursting with taste, and worked perfectly with the rocket. I’m not afraid to admit to being a bit of a pizza snob, for me it has to have a thin base that is both floppy and crispy, it needs to be grease free and authentic, Forzza definitely ticked all boxes and lived up to my high pizza standards. To balance out the guilt of our feast we also ordered a healthy option of fresh Garden Salad, with soft butternut squash pieces and the biggest, crunchiest croutons either of us had ever witnessed. For sides the Home made Slaw and Skin-on Fries could not be over looked.

Forzza Restaurant Ice Cream

Forzza Restaurant Ice Cream

Having being beaten by our banquet we had a little time to kill before the film, and as much as I would have loved to have sampled a build your own ice-cream sundae the skinny jeans did not agree! Instead we opted to take a couple of Mojitos onto the expansive terrace upstairs in the bar area. I think some would be shocked to learn that Everyman has an outdoor terrace because it may be the last thing to expect from a cinema in a shopping centre, however this terrace is well worth a look in and I reckon a hidden gem for those sunny afternoons when there’s just not enough outdoor space in the city for an alfresco tipple.

At the call time for our film there was one last order of wine at the bar for us to take in to the luxurious cinema, and then feet up in anticipation of the Marvel blockbuster.

Although our visit to Forzza was part of the whole cinema experience there’s nothing to say the restaurant can’t be visited independently whether it’s for food, drink or even an afternoon coffee, its offerings are not only delicious and to a high standard, the price range is pleasantly affordable.

Off the back of our trip to Forzza I can confidently say I have found my ideal Pizzeria, there is so much more I am looking forward to try, especially one of those Sundaes!

Just as Arnie said “I’ll be back”.

Rachel x