The Leeds band, Glass Caves have had a year that has seen them start from busking in cities across the UK to selling out most of their debut album tour, with self-funded album ‘Alive’ making the Record Store Top 40 on week of release.

With praise coming from all angles, one that stays in the mind is GQ’s five star review: “This classic, nostalgic sound is energizing and exciting with heavy guitar riffs and a wonderfully northern vocal.”

We sent our man Will to speak to their lead vocalist Matt to ask them about their dreams, their influences and fighting large animals.

First of all – introduce yourselves to us, tell us where you’re from and what you do.

Aright Will, I’m Matt, I sing some vox, Connor caresses lead guitar, Elliott bangs the drums and Will takes the bass for scenic walks.

Secondly, give us an insight into your plans for the future – short term and long term.

We eventually plan to play in every country known to man. Short term we just wanna play some enjoyable gigs and get people to come and enjoy them with us. Seem like a good plan?

Who’d you want to be like? Who are your big influences and what are your dreams (as a band)?

We want to be like every band that has stood on a stage and gone wait a minute I can’t make out the face of the person at the back, then have them all sing your songs back at you. Can’t imagine how mental that must be! My biggest dream is to one day play Red Rocks, what a venue!  Our big influences have to be the reggae beats of The Police, the emotion of U2 and the madness of XTC.

There are a lot of good young rock, indie-rock, alternative-rock bands in the country, what differentiates you from the rest?

We throw in there some chunks of emotion…not afraid to tackle gloomier, heavier subjects. Plus we’re all distant relatives of royalty.

And lastly, would you rather fight 25 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

The bassist asked me this question about 6 months ago and it has to be duck sized horses, no contemplation. He’s called Will too… Will, is that you mate?

The Glass Caves play at the Nation Of Shopkeepers tonight (20th April), on the 4th April in York and back at the Brudenell Social Club on the 3rd July.