Hazel Latner brings you her latest beauty tips!

I am a self-proclaimed skin care junkie and the ultimate fake tan fan. You really do have to get both of these things right to achieve the perfectly bronzed look you want. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see a new product I want to go and spend an entire weeks wage on, but I really think I now know enough about my own skin to know what really works. Once you find the right products you always return to them, so I would like to share with you my skin care staples – these are things I would probably take out with me if the house was on fire. Then I’ll move on to my fake tan favorites.

Ok so I guess I’ll start with Clarins, I honestly use something from their range every single day. Why? Because their products are absolutely amazing! When I went in for the first time as my skin was really dry and nothing really was helping, the lovely sales assistant offered me a free mini counter facial. It’s an amazing way to sample some of their products, you will get a consultation before hand so all the products used will be perfect for you. What is also amazing is the amount of free samples they give you to try at home, some of their products are pricey so it is really good to see if you think it will be worth it. Well I was given around 12 samples and these are my must haves so far.

The Hydraquench moisturiser is fab, I use it every single day, it makes my skin feel amazing and also has SPF 15 so it also protects you against harmful UV rays. It is £35 but it honestly lasts ages and combats any dry patches you may have without feeling greasy in the slightest. Definitely 10 out of 10 from me on this one.

Next is something I thought I would never use- The Blue Orchid treatment facial oil. It never even entered my mind but now I would actually freak out if I couldn’t apply it every night. I wrongly assumed that putting oil on your face would make it break out in spots but I felt and saw the results of this oil after one nights application. Your skin will be baby soft and look as if you’ve just been for an expensive facial. My boyfriend even said first thing in the morning how nice my skin looks… Usually that’s the last thing I expect to hear when I wake up.

I also love face masks and salon facials, your face is the first thing people see so it’s something worth investing in. I probably get microdermabrasion once a month, its brilliant how a treatment so quick can make such a difference. (Usually it only takes between 30-40 minutes) It is a deep exfoliation treatment which can turn skin that is feeling dull and drab into bright smooth skin in an instant. I usually would buy a course as it works out cheaper but sites like Groupon often have deals on these facials so it’s worth checking those out as well.

I also use a facemask at home when I fancy a nice bath and a pamper, I do like a couple of different ones depending on how my skin is feeling that week. If I feel like my pores are blocked up or I’m getting a slight break out I go straight to Avons Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask, it is a bargain at only £3 and doesn’t dry out your skin like some masks can do. If you want something a little more exfoliating but again doesn’t irate your skin Lush Mask of Magnaminty is perfect, I love using this mask as it leaves a tingly clean feeling that you can feel working with your skin. I am a massive Lush fan anyway, the smell of all their products is beautiful and this is no exception.

So moving on to tan, like most girls I feel my best when I am a golden brown colour but unfortunately I don’t live abroad and I’m anti sunbeds which means that over the years I think I have used every single fake tan product on the market. I’m sure we have all had our previous streaky orange experiences in the past but I now have a couple of favorites which I think give the best colour.

The Tan On Demand 2 Hour Tanning Mousse is one slightly newer to me in the past year or so but I really wish I had discovered it sooner! What is amazing is that it gives a really dark colour without having to sleep in the product over night therefore it doesn’t ruin your clothes or bedding. It is streak free and even though it develops into a dark colour it still looks really natural, I have used it before photo shoots as it photographs really well and it is one I frequently get complimented on. You can purchase some by clicking this link http://www.diamonds-on-demand.co.uk/2-hour-tanning-mousse/ I have had so many friends also rave about this tan as well so I’m sure you will too.

Another tan I can’t live without is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, it makes your legs look absolutely flawless. If you have never used it before go out and buy some immediately. You can thank me later. It’s a quick fix, its kind of like having makeup for you body. Its not a daily tan product but its nice for special occasions when you know you want to look your best.

Now back to Clarins surprise, surprise! I always find that my face is always a couple of shades lighter than my body so I’ve become addicted to Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning. It isn’t as strong as a usual fake tan so you can apply it daily before you use your makeup, its got a very luxurious texture which melts into the skin, smoothing out the skin and any pores you may have. It isn’t heavy at all and just gives a very subtle golden glow. It’s pretty much like a self tanning primer and like a lot of Clarins products a little goes a long way so definitely worth sampling for yourself.

Well that’s a slight insight to some of my tanning and skincare must haves I probably could have gone on forever but I’d tried to get it in a nutshell for you, I may come back with some other favourites in the future. If you have any recommendations or questions please tweet me, I would love to hear from you. x x