Luna Kings are a the best kept secret in Leeds. A superb young indie band with huge potential! After releasing a limited edition EP this year and being played on various radio stations across Yorkshire, they’ve stepped it up a gear – and there’s a lot more to come.

We spoke to them about how they came about, their influences, what makes them individual and if they’d rather fight a large duck or loads of small horses.

First of all – introduce yourselves to us, tell us where you’re from and what you do.

Hello all readers! Luna Kings is a 4 piece atmospheric, indie band hailing from Leeds, made up of Daniel Seviour (Vocal and rhythm guitar), Stewart Thomson (Lead guitar and backing vocal), Ian Hutchinson (bass) and Peter Devine (drums).  The band all started when Stew saw Dan walking up and down Briggate holding a sign proclaiming to be ‘the Seviour of music’.   He knew he had to work with him! The real story is actually Dan’s local advert and a couple of his tracks showing his vocals off.  After a meeting over a couple of pints, we started jamming and writing together.  Ian joined the band shortly after following returning from travelling.  Ian and Dan have been pals for a few years and were previously in a band together.  The last piece of the jigsaw puzzle came with Pete responding to another local advert and after a practice session, hands were shook and Luna Kings’ line-up was complete!

Secondly, give us an insight into your plans for the future – short term and long term.

In January 2015 we launched our debut EP ‘Have we met before?’ with limited 100 copies available.  Two tracks ‘Distance’ and ‘Show me Your Lies’ have been played on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, as well as on Leeds Student radio and internet station EGH radio – based in Hull.  We have played as local support to a number of touring bands such as The Struts, Ultrasound and Raglans.  We have further supports lined up this year but the plan is to continue increasing our fan base through doing interviews, radio plays, tour supports, festivals and ultimately getting a deal with the odd hit single thrown in.

Who’d you want to be like? Who are your big influences and what are your dreams ?

We haven’t set out to sound or be like any particular band.  We have an eclectic taste in music but bands such as Interpol, early U2 is mutually appreciated throughout the band.  Our sound, without sounding pretentious, has a big atmospheric sound and previous reviews have likened them to stadium anthems.  So our dreams would undoubtedly be to tour the world, selling out the big venues along the way and ultimately leaving a legacy on the music scene where our music is appreciated, covered by bands for years to come.

There are a lot of good young indie-rock bands in Leeds, what differentiates you from the rest?

Its healthy and a great sign that there are many good upcoming band from Leeds.  What we believe differentiates us is the fact that those who come up to us at the end of our gigs remark on the big sound but cannot immediately liken it to anything out there at the minute so we believe that we have quite a unique sound within today’s music scene but at the same time it has its commercial appeal as opposed to being a very niche sound that few can appreciate.

And lastly, would you rather fight 25 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

We get asked this question all the time! It has to be 25 duck sized horses.  Rather than actually fight them, we would use our drummer Pete (aka hot meat) as bait to entice them into a lorry and bundle them off to an abattoir in Todmorden to then be sold onto a certain well known supermarket store who likes to supply horsemeat to the masses.

Cheers guys!

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Their next gig is at Brudenell Social Club on Tues 31st March!