Tough Love have recently embarked on their latest UK tour, this month sees them set their sites on Canal Mills over the Halloween period. Rob Chadwick investigated into their recent releases and latest Get Twisted tour…

How, when and why did you two first hook up?

“We knew each other for some time prior to Tough Love, eventually we got together in the studio end of October 2011, and started working on some solo material. After a few sessions we realised we both had similar tastes and aspirations for our careers, shortly after tough love was born.”

What makes it work, what draws you together? Who does what in the staid, booth and for the label? Do you have set roles?

Tough Love

Tough Love

“There’s no set roles in Tough Love, we just get on with what needs to get done. We’re both driven individuals with high ambitions so we try our best to do what it takes to make it work.”

Tell us about the tour you have coming up… how did you decide which cities to hit?

“The get twisted tour is an extension of our sound and a great way to showcase the amazing talent on the label. We’ve been planning it for some time and unfortunately couldn’t squeeze all the cities we wanted to in the first run, but the the cities we’ve missed well definitely be there at some point in the near future. Some of the places we have targeted are cities we’ve played before and love playing. a couple will be our first time playing such as Aberdeen and Glasgow so we’re really looking forward to the new experiences.”

And why did you decide now was the right time? How much work has it been putting this together?

“It’s been a real graft, teaming up with the right people, and the right places. The time felt right as we’ve just undergone a full rebrand as well as signing the label with Sony/Columbia not forgetting some of the amazing material the label has to come. we’re really looking forward to getting on the road and showing people what get twisted is all about.”

About the talent you are A&Ring for the label – where are you finding it? What are you looking for?

“We’re looking for solid accessible music from the underground as well as material that can compete at the top of the charts. we have to love it and be able to showcase it to the best of our abilities. We receive numerous demos everyday and fortunately we have come across so really great tracks and acts. We also go in search for material from acts we’ve been supporting in our shows and on radio, in doing so we’ve managed to acquire some amazing material from the leaders of the new school such as Hannah wants, Chris Lorenzo to the legends of the old such as Todd Terry & Roger Sanchez.”

And have you got any of your own new releases coming up? Are you always working on new material?

“We’re always working on new material. We’ve been working towards our first album but Its essential we freshen up our shows with edits and club material not forgetting our label commitments. next up for us is a club record featuring the vocal talents of get twisted artist Nastaly called “what you need is me” which has received a great response in our shows this summer then following that will be our third major single titled “Saviour” which were really excited about.”

You have had some big hits before now – how does that feel? Does it add more pressure, does it give you confidence to do the same styles again?

“Our first two releases were initially edits built for our shows. The response and success of them were amazing and were truly grateful to everyone who made that possible. Of course we want to continue to succeed and occasionally feel the pressure to do so, but we absolutely love what we do. We always give it 110% during our live shows & we’re confident in the material we have to come. We think a few people will be surprised when they hear it.”

What are your thoughts on Leeds as a city, you play here soon – have you done so before?

“We love playing Leeds and have played there many times before. The crowd are always responsive and up for a good time. We’re looking forward to getting back up there and making more amazing memories.”

What is your style when you DJ – you do one each b2b or what? Is it easy enough to get a flow going?

“We’re both always hands on. We play a track each but while one is mixing the other is running fx or loops. We never pre rehearse or know what’s coming next as you can only truly know what’s working from the response of the crowd. so a lot of the time we make it up on the spot. It’s fun and works for us, we get to experiment and see what works in different territories.”