The new trends for 2015

The New Trends for 2015

Meow, so this post is going to be a spectacular one! If you love fashion then you will love this post! It isn’t even the end of January and so far we have been enticed, and surprised, by the fashion world. I mean, we’ve had the Paris Fashion Week and other spectacular events. 2015 has brought some new fashion trends for women and I’m going to tell you about my thoughts about the current trends for women!


Do I really need to explain what a shirtdress is? This year, designers have reinvented the classic fashion staple and added drama and velocity. This years shirtdresses now include double-high slits, drop waists and a lot more. You are going to be seeing these everywhere!


So, last year, the fashion statement was Orange Is The New Black… (Not the Netflix show) but this year it may have changed to Yellow Is The New Black? Now I know that wearing yellow sounds slightly tacky and brash but it isn’t just bright yellow that is in season… No, no, Audno. It is all shades of yellow that are in from amber to marigold. (In simple terms from dark to bright.) There is a yellow that suits everyone. The trick to finding out which yellow suits you is simple. Figure out your skins undertone and find the hue which compliments it the best to find the best yellow to put some sunshine in your typical British weather day!


Remember the old school days where gingham was all the rage of the playground? Well, it’s back and its playing for the big boys now. In Autumn, we saw checks come rocking back but this Spring its the turn of Gingham. It’s back this year with a sexy twist that even Judy Garland might be a bit scared of.


Wearing all white has been a trend for a while but it is a skill to try and make sure you don’t look like you’re trying to steal a Monica Geller-esque bride’s thunder. This year, women are wearing all white and killing the runways by mixing textures and shades to make sure the old faux pas doesn’t happen. Will you rock it?

One Shoulder Cuts:

Do you have a dress that has a one shoulder cut but you haven’t worn it in years? Well, its time to start wearing it as one shoulder cuts are back in. Shoulders are slowly becoming a sexy and wonderful part of a woman’s body and they need to be shown off. Show them off in a casual/punk style one shoulder top or dress it up in that one shoulder dress for date night.

So, I hope that you rock some of these trends and I hope that you have a wonderful year with your fashion and everything else. Don’t forget to read next time where I will talk about what trends men should be following within fashion for 2015. I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x

James Sowden is a student blogger for Leeds Student Magazine. Intriguingly, James introduces himself by saying ‘Meow’, rather than the traditional ‘Hi’ and prefers to be called Jamie. When he isn’t studying Media, Politics, Sociology and Psychology, Jamie loves to blog and do YouTube videos which he admits mainly consists of him talking about random topics, ranging from music to fashion, to a camera. Jamie is also part of the LGBTQIA community. You can follow him on Twitter at @thejamiesowden and see his other blog posts at

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