Leeds University breaks the top-20

At a time when students face the prospect of paying back debts of over £44,000 when they leave university, young people are having to consider more carefully than ever before if, and where, they should go to university. New statistics published by free salary benchmarking service Emolument Alumni reveal how the average salaries of graduates from different universities vary significantly, and highlight some remarkable trends.

Leeds University

Leeds University

The top 20 universities, and the average salaries of graduates within five years of leaving, are as follows:

London Business School: £69,000
Oxford University: £54,000
Warwick Business School: £53,000
Cambridge University: £52,500
Cass Business School: £50,500
LSE London School of Economics: £50,000
University of Sheffield: £49,000
Edinburgh University: £48,500
Imperial College London: £47,000
University of Birmingham: £46,500
University of London: £45,500
Durham University: £45,000
University of Bath: £43,500
Aston University: £43,000
Warwick University: £42,500
Bristol University: £41,000
UCL University College London: £40,500
Loughborough University: £40,500
University of Leeds: £40,500
University of Nottingham: £40,000

Few people will be surprised that both Oxford and Cambridge University appear high in the “Alumni Rich List,” earning an average of £54k and £52k respectively, but what may raise a few eyebrows is that graduates from leading business schools that take up most of the top positions, with London Business School averaging as much as £16,000 per year more than Oxbridge Universities.

Interestingly, top entry grades clearly do not always equate to highest post-university earnings. Graduates from the University of Sheffield, which ranks as low as 26th in the university league tables2, appear 7th on the Alumni Rich List earning an average of over £49,000. In contrast, Durham University is ranked 5th in the UK by the Complete University Guide, but its graduates appear in 12th place in the Rich List, averaging salaries of £45,000.

The ground breaking study was conducted by leading salary benchmarking website Emolument.com, a platform leading the transparency revolution to give thousands of employees free access to detailed market information, empowering professionals to make better informed career choices. The data has been submitted anonymously and securely by over 35,000 individuals spread across hundreds of different professions, sectors, locations and university courses, in order to access free in-depth personalised reports about how their pay compares to peers in their industry and elsewhere.