Biggest & Baddest presenter, adventuring Biologist Niall McCann, tours UK theatres
TV Presenting, adventuring conservationist tours Adventure: Red in Tooth & Claw

Niall McCann is an award-winning TV Presenter, Explorer, Adventurer, Conservationist and Biologist, a part of the boundary-pushing ‘new breed’ who has travelled the planet turning his hand to a variety of expeditions and methods of undertaking them, and now brings his brand new ‘audience with…’ style lecture show, Adventure: Red in Tooth & Claw, to theatres across the UK, presented by the adventure speaker tour producers behind the recent tours Sir Chris Bonington’s Life & Times and Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Living Dangerously, Speakers from the Edge

As well as presenting TV’s Biggest & Baddest – now in its second season and recently picked up by National Geographic US – and the double international-award-winning documentary, History Channel’s Lost in the Amazon: The Enigma of Col. Fawcett, where Niall retraced the steps of Fawcett to try to solve the mysterious disappearance of the intrepid explorer, Niall has spent two years on biological expeditions in some of the most remote parts of the globe

In his work as a conservationist, Niall has worked on many endangered species, successfully lobbied governments to protect National Parks on three continents and had dozens of brushes with death at the jaws and claws of the world’s most charismatic dangerous animals. He has rowed the Atlantic, cycled the Himalayas twice, canoed the Yukon River, climbed big walls in Europe and the USA, man-hauled across Greenland, mountaineered in the Alps and ice-climbed and speed flown in Greenland’s Caledonian Alps, regularly risking life and limb just for fun

It is in Greenland that Niall, his brother Finn and friend Will Copestake recently shot Arctic AIR, the award-nominated adventure film selected to appear at four different Adventure Film Festivals, including the highly-respected Kendal Mountain Film Festival and ShAFF

In Adventure: Red in Tooth & Claw, with audio/visual support Niall regales audiences with the highs and lows, the stories of danger and humorous anecdotes of his adventures so far

Niall’s Adventure: Red in Tooth & Claw is touring UK theatres in spring 2015 and will be showing at the Sheffield University Union on Tuesday, 12 May and at the Leeds University Union on Wednesday, 13 May – to book tickets, contact the Sheffield Box Office on 0114 222 8777 or visit  or contact the Leeds Box Office on 0871 220026 or visit  For further details, visit