Louise Fletcher goes down The Pit in Headingley

The Leeds restaurant scene more than caters for the meat lovers among us but with so much choice it can be hard to know which one is worth a visit.  We sent Louise to Headingley to find out why, when you want burgers you’re best going underground.

With the waft of slow-cooked meat as a guide, my housemate Tess and I made our way to The Pit, opened just below Trio.  As the name suggests the bar is themed around mining pits. It has dim and industrial lighting, but don’t worry there isn’t a hint of soot in sight. Seated in a booth we had a perfect vantage point across the room, great for ‘people-watching’ as well as a good catch up.

We were naturally delighted to find out that cocktails were two for £8 and any intention of  being good on a week night were gone when ordering a Mojito and a Bramble. Deciding what to eat took much longer, partly down to the amazing choice and partly down to me getting too caught up in telling Tess all my news.  After a little prompting from the friendly waiting staff, I remembered the reason we were there and got down to the serious business of choosing my meal. With burgers being two for one on Mondays it was a no-brainer. Tess ordered the ‘Cross Fit’, a slightly healthier option for those who don’t want to pig out. I, on the other hand, decided to blow my healthy start to 2015 out of the water, with the ‘Black and Blue’ burger tempting my taste buds.

A mouth-watering burger

Burgers in The Pit

As we waited for our food to arrive, we chatted some more, found ourselves singing along to the classic playlist and jealously eyed up every plate that came within view.  When our meals arrived, it is safe to say we were both women on a mission, our attention switched from girly chat to chowing down.

I must admit I had been dubious when Tess picked a “healthy burger”. However, the beef burger topped with egg and accompanied by a hefty serving of sweet potato wedges pleasantly looked nothing like the sorry salad I had conjured up in my head.  However, if I had been left with any doubt, Tess’s empty plate and mutters of appreciation would have soon swept that away.

Topped with creamy blue cheese and beef brisket  it was clear mine was not for people conscious of their waistline. It was the type of substantial burger which you couldn’t help but cover your face in sauce. If Tess had told me I had a splodge on my eyebrow – I wouldn’t have been surprised. It was absolutely delicious but not elegant, definitely not something to order on a date.

The Pit


Feeling satisfied and full, we unfortunately had to decline the offer of a desert menu.  We were well and truly defeated and with a meat coma coming on my thoughts turned to my next gym session. Any feelings of guilt were quickly banished and I decided that the ‘Black and Blue’ is definitely worth an extra few lengths of the pool!

Situated in the student haven that is Headingley, the convenient location combined with decent offers and mouth-watering food will make this a future student staple.