Building a fitness schedule can be difficult and sticking to it can be even harder. Reebok Master Trainer Stacey Jacques provides some valuable tips to achieving a structured routine.

Reebok fithub – Fitness Schedule

  • Get real. Be realistic before you start. Determine your situation. How many days a week are you ready to commit to? How much time have you got? Don’t forget to include things like preparation time, shower time and battling rush hour traffic to get to the gym.
  • Knowledge is Power. Get clued up about what to do, take advice from a fitness professional on what type of workout would suit you best. Then you can plan your sessions.If you are looking for an overall workout to start off with, I would suggest starting with a bodyweight routine ensuring you work your upper body, lower body and core with a mix of cardio and conditioning exercises. Start with intervals of 30 seconds work to rest ratio. Try and work in a range of different movements and directions and include a push, pull, lunge, bend, twist and squat. Make sure your workout changes and progresses every 4-6 weeks and track your progress so you can stay motivated by how well you are doing.
  • Add variety and be creative. Don’t get stuck in a fitness rut, add different classes, styles and environments to your routine.
  • Be time efficient. Get in, get it done and get outta there.
  • Own it! Commit to your designated workout slot and stick to it like you would to any other appointment.
  • Journal. Write it ALL down, not only is this great to track your progress but it also ensures that you are accountable for everything you do and plan to do! Include thoughts and feelings so you can see patterns emerging when you are feeling a little deflated / de-motivated.
  • R E S T – it’s part of the programme. Your body needs to recover in order to progress, make sure you incorporate rest days into your schedule.
  • Love what you do. Find your thing, ignite your passion. This could be anything from training for a Spartan race to practising Yoga on a beach. Make exercise something you love, not something you loathe, and you will have no problem finding time to fit it into your life.
  • Reward yourself. If you stick to your schedule, treat yourself to a pampering session or that pair of trainers you’ve been eyeing up.
  • Don’t fear failure. You will have blips, ups and downs along your fitness journey. If you fall down just get back up as soon as possible.
  • Find your tribe: likeminded people. Working out in a group is a great motivator.
  • Be inspired. Find a mentor that motivates you.
  • Be the inspiration. There is no greater motivation than knowing you are inspiring someone to be better.

‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’ – Jim Rohn

I hope these tips help you with your ambition to leading a fitter, fuller lifestyle and bring you the knowledge and confidence to begin your journey to achieving your goals. For more information about the Reebok FitHub and free fitness classes, visit: